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Recorded or Live Guides

You may opt to hear an Escorted Audio tour or have a live Licensed Battlefield Guide:

Escorted Audio Tour
For the basic quoted price, our battlefield tours are escorted by a staff member and utilize a recorded audio system. The recorded narrative provides a very good overview of the battle of Gettysburg and park monuments and is both educational and entertaining.

The Escorted Audio tour was designed and narrated by Gary Kross who has more than 25 years experience as a Licensed Battlefield Guide. The staff escort operates the audio transmitter and you are issued an earpiece and wireless receiver with which you will listen to the tour.

Note that the staff escort is not a licensed guide and is not permitted by the National Park Service to answer questions about the battle on park property.

We recommend the Escorted Audio tour for those who are budget-minded or have a typical tourist's level of knowledge or interest in the battle.

Live Licensed Battlefield Guide
You may alternatively opt to have a live guide go along with the tour for an additional fee of $15.00 per person.  Guides are licensed and provided by the National Park Service and, upon request, we will arrange to have them accompany you on your tour.

A minimum total guide fee (i.e, shared by all participants) of $60 applies.

Except by special arrangement, customers outside your party may join the guided tour group and will also be subject to the guide fee.

So if there are fewer than four people on such a tour, then each will be responsible for an equal share of the $60 minimum guide fee.

Although the recorded audio provides a comprehensive tour experience, there is a distinct advantage for some visitors to be able to ask questions of a live guide. Use of a live Licensed Battlefield Guide requires a reservation and is subject to availability.

We recommend a live Licensed Battlefield Guide to Civil War buffs, those who have a special interest (e.g., in a particular regiment), and/or those who want the very best possible educational experience.

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