North Dakota at Gettysburg?

1913-northdakotaThis photo is of a badge that was worn by a veteran from North Dakota at the 1913 (50th) reunion at Gettysburg.

Of more than 53,000 veterans in attendance, only 165 were from North Dakota. This is one of only two such badges that are known to still exist.  It is in our collection at Segway Tours of Gettysburg.

“Wait,” you say, “there weren’t any North Dakota units at the battle of  Gettysburg!”

That’s true.  In fact, North Dakota wasn’t even a state until 1889. But the badges that were worn by veterans at the reunion designate their state of residence in 1913, not the state from which they served in 1863.

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Badges?<br>We ain't got no badges.<br>We don't need no badges!<br>"I don't have to show you no stinkin' badges!"<br>  &nbsp-<i>Treasure of the Sierra Madre</i>

We ain't got no badges.
We don't need no badges!
I don't have to show you no stinkin' badges!"
   -Treasure of the Sierra Madre

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