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Surgeons at Gettysburg

I’ve been researching the surgeons at Gettysburg field hospitals for inclusion in Pocket Gettysburg.  One of the best sources is “A Vast Sea of Misery” by Gregory A. Coco (Gettsyburg: Thomas Publications, 1988).  As always when I add a new source to Pocket Gettysburg, I try to reconcile that new data with the my previous sources, […]

Red, yellow, green … and white??

Despite being a little chilly, October is the third busiest month of the year (after July and August) for Segway tours in Gettysburg. That’s because the tree colors are at their most spectacular at this time of year. But this year we were treated with a color we don’t often see on the trees in […]

Come see us in the Halloween Parade!

Representatives of SegTours will be in the Gettysburg Halloween parade tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 25th) starting at 7:30pm. Come by to see us — in costume! The parade begins at the Middle School and will travel north on Baltimore Street, onto Lincoln Square, east on York Street and south on Liberty, returning to the school. The […]

Segway Open House

Thanks to all that came to visit during our Open House on Sunday. We had a lot of curious folks come by to try about the amazing Segway PT. We had so much fun, in fact, that we might do it every year! Here’s a sample video…