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FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions)

SegTours, LLC offers several options to match your interests. This page will outline our general policies and provide answers to many common questions.

  • TOUR DESTINATIONS: SegTours, LLC offers historical tours to two distinct areas of the Gettysburg battlefield, as well as rides which do not include an historical tour. Click here for details.

    A battlefield tour is an adventure into history, directed by a Licensed Battlefield Guide (see next). A Segway ride is supervised by a staff person but does not include any historical context. That is, a Segway ride is specifically for those who want to experience the Segway and do not want to hear about the history of the area.

    For the basic price, our battlefield tours are escorted by a staff member and utilize a recorded audio tour by a Licensed Battlefield Guide. For a little more money, you can reserve a live Licensed Battlefield Guide to accompany your tour. Click here for details.

  • TOUR TIMES: We accept reservations for March-November, 7 days a week. Off-season reservations may be available (see below).

    Specific tour departure times vary by the season but are generally as follows:
       Jan, Feb: Closed
       Mar: 9:30am and 1:30pm.
       Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug: 8:30am, 12:30pm, and 4:30pm.
       Sep, Oct: 7:30am, 11:30am, and 3:30pm.
       Nov: 8:30am, 12:30pm.
       Dec: Closed

    Additional tours may be added as staff and equipment is available.

    The destination (Western or Eastern) and type (Escorted Audio or Live Guide) of each tour is determined by the first party to reserve a time slot.
    When you request a reservation, we will confirm the availability of your requested tour time.

    Segway rides are scheduled when staff and equipment are not occupied by a tour.

  • RESERVATIONS: It is common for us to be completely booked (especially for weekend tours) several days in advance so reservations are strongly recommended. Walk-ins are permitted, however, if the necessary equipment and staff is available.

  • OFF-SEASON: During the off-season (Dec-Feb), call us at 717-253-7987 if the temperature is at least 50 degrees and it is not raining. We may be able to do a tour for you if staff is available.

    Gift certificates can be purchased year-round.

  • STAFF ESCORTS: All Segway tours and rides are escorted by at least one staff person. That is, you are never sent out on your own. We do not offer rentals, sorry.

  • TRAINING: Segway training and practice time is provided at no additional charge and is included in the estimated tour duration. Training takes approximately 30 minutes and includes a short video and then one-on-one training with a staff person. Training may take longer, depending on the size of the group and the speed with which they demonstrate a mastery of the required skills.

    Our training is mandatory, even for those who have previously ridden a Segway.

  • START TIME / LATE ARRIVAL: Your reservation will reflect the time that training starts and you are required to be present. If you are late, then, out of respect for other customers, training will start without you, you will not be permitted to go on the tour/ride, and your credit card will be charged. Regardless of your level of experience, you will NOT be permitted to join the training after it has started. Refunds are NOT provided for late arrivals.

    So do not be late. Plan to arrive 15 or more minutes early to account for traffic, construction, or unexpected travel delays. There is a diner next door if you arrive early and want to get a drink while you wait.

  • NERVOUS?: Segways are MUCH easier than they look. Training, test-drives, and practice time is free. You will not be permitted to depart the training area until you demonstrate an acceptable comfort level with the Segway. But even the most skeptical visitors very rarely fail to reach that comfort level in 15-20 minutes.

  • HELMETS: Helmets are provided at no additional charge and are required for all visitors. Our equipment is sanitized between uses but you may bring and use your own bicycle helmet if you prefer.

  • EARPHONES: Wireless audio receivers and earphones (so you can hear the staff/guide while on tour) are provided at no additional charge and are required for all visitors. Our standard earpiece goes over (not in) one ear and can therefore be used with a hearing aid. An earbud is available as an alternative for those who prefer it. Our equipment is sanitized between uses but you may bring your own earpiece/earbud if you prefer. Ear pieces may be worn on only one ear (i.e., no headphones) and require a standard 3.5 mm male audio plug.

  • REFRESHMENTS: Bottled water and sometimes other refreshments are provided during the tour at no additional charge.

  • CAMERAS: Our staff will usually take photographs of the participants and some monuments while on tour. Those photos will then be available to you from our web site free of charge.  You are permitted to bring your own camera to use during the rest stops but you are not permitted to take photos while the Segway is moving nor to make unscheduled stops for photos that disrupt the progress and timing of the tour.

  • REST STOPS: The tours include opportunities to dismount and rest about every 30-45 minutes. Restrooms are available on the Western battlefield tour during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. They are closed between the first and last frost by the National Park Service.

  • WHAT TO WEAR? You should wear flat-soled shoes and whatever other clothes make you comfortable. A baseball hat will fit under the helmet but other types of hats are not practical.

    Our staff generally bring free, disposable ponchos in case tour participants are surprised by a sudden rainstorm but, as below, the Segway is equipped with a bag in which you can bring an extra jacket, windbreaker or foul-weather gear.

  • SUNSCREEN: Although much of the tour is in the shade, you will frequently be exposed to the sun so sunscreen is strongly recommended.

  • CARRY-ONS: Each Segway is equipped with a large handlebar bag which is sufficient to carry almost any purse, jacket, camera, refreshments, or other personal items that you may choose to bring.

  • MINIMUM GROUP SIZE: There is generally not a minimum group size. That is, we will take one person on a tour or ride. If you request a tour with a live guide, however, then be aware that the guide fee is $15.00 per person with a minimum total guide fee of $60.00. So if there are fewer than 4 people on the tour, then you will split the $60 minimum guide fee equally.

  • MAXIMUM GROUP SIZE: The group size is typically limited to 8 riders (plus staff escorts/guide) but may include up to 10 in unusual circumstances and may include people that are not in your party.

    In the case of a party of 9 or more, we will typically divide the group into smaller groups of 6-8 which will go out separately (each with staff escort/guide), staggering their start times by 30 minutes. Group members may therefore encounter each other at break areas and for photo opportunities.

    Under rare conditions (depending on the tourist volume, safety concerns, and the approval of Borough and Park authorities), exceptions to the group size may be made in order to accommodate a single large group (e.g., a large family or corporate outing). Please contact us for details.

  • MINIMUM AGE: You must generally be at least 16 years old to ride one of our Segways.

    In some cases, we may consider allowing minors as young as 14 to operate a Segway but they must (1) demonstrate an ability to safely operate the Segway after training, (2) demonstrate a respect and understanding of the rules of the road (including the traffic regulations and pedestrian right-of-way), (3) acknowledge the authority of the SegTours staff to regulate their behavior, and (4) be followed directly on the tour by a responsible parent or legal guardian (one adult per child under 16). Sorry, there will be no exceptions.

    All riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

    Minimum weight restrictions also apply.

  • MINIMUM WEIGHT: The Segway is operated by shifting of one's weight forward and back. In order to safely accomplish this, each rider must be at least 100 lbs, regardless of age.

  • MAXIMUM WEIGHT: According to Segway, Inc., the maximum weight for a rider is 260 lbs. Riders over 260 lbs should contact us in advance and may not be permitted to ride.

  • LANGUAGE: Unless special arrangements are made in advance, all training and safety instructions are given in English. All participants are therefore required to demonstrate an ability to understand English. No exceptions. Due to the nature of travelling in proximity to traffic, pedestrians, and sometimes-challenging terrain, we cannot rely on there being sufficient time for translators and/or hand signals to meet our safety standards. Although you may contact us to inquire about the availability of multi-lingual staff and/or tour guides, we generally do not offer tours in any language other than English.

  • HEALTH ISSUES: Customers are required to notify the SegTours staff of any physical or mental health issue(s) that may affect their ability to operate the Segway. Pregnant women are strongly advised against riding a Segway. 

  • WAIVERS: Each participant will be required to sign a liability waiver before riding a Segway.  Waivers for minors (14-17 years of age) must be signed by a parent or responsible adult (see "Minimum Age" above).  If necessary, you may obtain an advance copy of the waiver by writing to us at

  • SAFE OPERATION: Representatives of SegTours, LLC reserve the absolute authority to make the sole determination as to whether an individual (adult or minor) meets our safe operation requirements. Any person who, in the opinion of SegTours staff, appears intoxicated, uncooperative, unsteady, or otherwise unable or unwilling to operate safely will not be permitted to ride.

  • GETTYSBURG RESIDENTS: A 50% discount of the tour fee is available to those with a Gettysburg address on their driver's license. The discount does NOT apply to the guests of such residents. If you choose to be accompanied by a Licensed Battlefield Guide, then be aware that the guide's fee is not subject to the resident discount. The discount may not be combined with other discounts or special offers.

  • MILITARY AND FIRST RESPONDERS: In appreciation for their service, a 25% discount of the tour fee is available to current or veteran members of the U.S. military or to first responders (Police, Fire, and Ambulance). The discount does NOT apply to the guests of such members. If you choose to be accompanied by a Licensed Battlefield Guide, then be aware that the guide's fee is not subject to the discount. The discount may not be combined with other discounts or special offers.

  • ROADS VS SIDEWALKS: Our tour routes take us within the bounds of the Borough of Gettysburg as well as the National Park. In Pennsylvania, the Segway Personal Transporterâ„¢ is legal on both the street and the sidewalk. At the request of Gettysburg Borough Police Department, however, our tours do not use the sidewalks. On park property, Segways are not permitted on the grass or sidewalks. In both venues, therefore, our tours use the streets. However, the routes are carefully planned to avoid high-traffic areas. Within the park (which constitutes the majority of the tour) and in residential areas of the borough (which constitute most of the rest), cars are limited by low speed limits and generally travel at about the same speed as the Segways. Our staff escorts are trained to emphasize "Safety First" at all times.

  • TIP POLICY: Naturally, tipping of the tour guides and/or staff escorts is not required. If you believe that you received exceptional service, attention, and/or value for your money, however, then tips will be gratefully accepted.

  • INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: We generally do not operate tours when the temperature is below 50 degrees. Otherwise, however, our reserved tours go out rain or shine. You should watch the weather report and wear appropriate weather gear or carry it in the handlebar bag that is provided on each Segway. We provide disposable plastic ponchos in the event the group is caught in a sudden rainstorm. Our main tour route also includes periodic shelters should their need arise because of sudden extreme weather.

    In the interest of safety, SegTours, LLC, reserves the right to cancel a tour/ride in order to avoid dangerous weather conditions like lightening, snow, or ice.

  • CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY: A reservation requires a credit card to hold your space because equipment and staff will be allocated on your behalf and will be unavailable to other customers. Except in the case of groups of 10 or more, your credit card will not be charged until the day of your reservation.

    Cancellations or reschedules are permitted if we are notified by phone with at least 24 hours notice.

    Your card will be charged for each person in your reservation. NO REFUND will be provided for any rider(s) who arrives late or not at all, cancels with less than 24-hours notice, or chooses to not go on the tour/ride for any other reason (e.g., because of rain or temperature). Cancellations by email or fax are NOT permitted.


    SegTours, Inc., reserves the right to cancel a tour with or without notice or while in progress for reasons related to safety, staffing, equipment, dangerous weather (e.g., lightening, snow, or ice), or other unforeseen circumstances. In the unlikely event that your tour is cancelled by the company, you will be permitted to reschedule or receive a refund without penalty.

    IMPORTANT: If you make a reservation and pay in advance through a travel site, group tour provider, or other third party, then they may have a different cancellation/refund policy for which we are not responsible. Please contact that vendor for details of their cancellation or refund policy.

  • PAYMENT TYPES: We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Travelers Checks. Gift certificates are also available.

    List of Gettysburg Segway Tours and Rides

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