Wet and wonderful!

Wet and wonderful!

We’re not afraid of rain! The Segway rides just fine in the rain and we won’t melt — so we’ll go if you’ll go. In fact, the flowers are starting to bloom and we mostly have the park to ourselves during rainy weather so it is a good time for a tour!

(Yes, we ARE afraid of lightning.)

In other news, the Park Service has installed the porta-potties at the Amphitheater which is about at our Western tour’s half-way point.

Flowers and porta-potties: two sure signs that Spring is here!

2 Responses to “Rain?”

  1. porta pottie Says:

    I’m so glad spring is here…yay… I dunno bout those porta potties… I think I’ll tuff it out.

  2. Portable Restrooms Says:

    Good thing the park installed the porta-potties.


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