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OK, maybe we’re not the stars of the show (in fact, if you blink you might miss us 🙂 ) but we’re happy to have participated in an online video that was produced by the Pennsylvania Tourism Office.

“Peter Arthur Stories” ( is actually a set of four short video “chapters” that tells the story of a man in search of a lost love. The man’s name is Peter Arthur (initials=PA, get it?) and his search takes him all over the State of Pennsylvania, exposing him (of course) to a variety of beautiful towns, pastoral settings, and tourist attractions.

In Chapter 2 (“Love Ain’t Civil”), Peter visits Gettysburg where he finds himself accidentally in the middle of a Civil War re-enactment — and there just happens to be a Segway tour that is passing by at that moment! Our acting debut is about 2:27 into that episode and there are a few shots of us thereafter.

Segways on a Gettysburg tour

Segways on a Gettysburg tour

Sadly, we have no dialog and most of our full day of filming was left on the cutting room floor, including the one in which the “bad guy” appropriates one of our Segways to chase after Peter. There’s just a shot of him riding away on a Segway with no explanation of how he got it. Oh, well. There’s one last shot of a Segway near the end (8:14) of Episode #4.

SegTours, LLC and the individual “Segway Folk” are even listed among the credits at the end of Episode #4.

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