Deaths at the 1913 Gettysburg Reunion

Described as a “identification tag,” this card was issued to each of the 22,103 veterans from Pennsylvania who attended the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg in 1913. (Some other states issued similar ones to its attending veterans). The veteran was asked to carry it in his pocket “in case of sickness or accident.” The black ribbon betrayed its inevitable purpose, however. For a small number of the elderly veterans, it served as a toe tag.

Nine veterans passed away during the encampment and they are listed below for the sake of researchers.

Joel S. Greenfield

This tag was carried by Joel S. Greenfield of Avondale, Pennsylvania. He was born on 13 Oct 1841 in Chester Co., PA, the son of Stephen Greenfield and Sarah Roney. At 20 years old, he enlisted on 11 Aug 1862 as a Private in Co. C, 124th Pennsylvania Infantry. He mustered out 17 May 1863. Then on 29 Jul 1964, he enlisted again in Co. G, 186th Pennsylvania Infantry, mustering out on 15 Aug 1865 in Philadelphia.

Joel S. Greenfield was married at least twice: first to “Susan” with whom he had at least two children, Frank and Alice (m. Nolan); and second to Anna M. Shaw (b. 1845, d. after 1924) with whom he had at least two more children, Berta R. (b. 1882, m. Mapes) and Clara M. (b. 1884, m. Eastburn).

He died of “angina pectoris” (heart disease) on 16 Feb 1924 in Avondale, PA, and is buried in Union Hill Cemetery, Kennett Square, Chester County, Pennsylvania.


Veterans Who Died at Gettysburg During the 1913 Reunion Encampment
Quoted as shown in the Report by the Office of Chief Surgeon, United States Army, Headquarters, Eastern Department, Governor’s Island, New York City, 24 October 1913.
Edits by the author’s own research.

John Reynolds member Kimball Post No. 38, N.Y. (Formerly Private Co. “B” 121st, N.Y. Vol. Inf.) Home address: Portchester, N.Y., age 69 years.  Cause of death; acute cardiac dilatation.  Remains forwarded July 1st to W. E. Craft, undertaker, Portchester, N.Y.
Augustus D. Brown late Troop “L” 1st Maine Cavalry, Home address: Livermore Falls, Me.  Age: 73 years.  Died June 29, 1913.  Cause of death: Heart failure.  Remains forwarded July 1st to R. D. Brown, (brother) Livermore Falls, Me.
Otto L. Stamm member Doty Post, G. A. R. (formerly put. 27th Mass. Vol) Hornell, N. Y., home address: Almond, N. Y.  Age 75 years.  Died June 30, 1913. Cause of death: Apoplexy.  Remains forwarded July 2nd to Charles Robinson, Hornell, N. Y.
Edgar Rigsby home address: 243 Iris Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis.  Age: 68 years.  Died June 30th, 1913.  Cause of death: Asthenia.  Remains forwarded to home of deceased on advice from Governor of Wisconsin. (Information as to former organization not obtainable).

Edit: Edgar Bigsby, Co. A, 14th Vermont Infantry.

Landis L. Travis member of Cunnygham Post G. A. R. No. 97.  Home address: Westmoor, Penna.  Age: 68 years. Died: July 2nd, 1913.  Cause of death: Exhaustion. (Died suddenly in Hotel Gettysburg, Gettysburg, Pa., no physician in attendance.)  Remains forwarded to Lewis Knifflin, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., July 3rd, 1913. (Information as to former organization not obtainable.)

Edit: Co. C, 191st PA Inf. and Co. B, 34th PA Inf.

Christopher Yates Home address: 315 Washington street, Latrobe, Pa.  Age: 78 years. Died: July 1st, 1913. Cause of death: Heat prostration.  Remains forwarded to Thomas B. Anderson, Latrobe, Pa., July 2nd, 1913. (Information as to former organization not obtainable.)

Edit: Pvt., Co. I, Griffith’s Independent Militia (3 mos.) and Unassigned Pennsylvania Inf.

George M. Walls late of 5th Penna. Vol. Infty. Home address: Lewisburg, Pa.  Age: 69 years. Died July 3rd, 1913.  Cause of death: Acute Uraemia.  Remains forwarded to William M. Bunnell, Scranton, Pa., July 3rd, 1913.
Henry H. Hodges Home address: Union Hill, Surrey county, N. C.  Age: 70 years. Died: July 5th, 1913.  Cause of death: Cardiac dilatation. Remains forwarded to Mrs. H. H. Hodges, Elkin, N.C. July 6th, 1913. (Information as to former organization not obtainable.)

Edit: Hubbard H. Hodges, Co. C, 21st NC Inf.  Service records are filed under Herbert Hodges and Hubard Hodges. 

Allen D. Albert (Formerly Put. Co. “D” 45th Penna. Vol. Infty.). Home address: 1727 Kilbourne Place, Washington, D.C.  Age: 69 years. Died July 1st, 1913.  Cause of death: Cerebral hemorrhage. Remains forwarded in care of Mr. Fred. Albert, to Arlington, Va., for burial July 2nd, 1913.  This case was handled entirely by the local authorities of Gettysburg.

Author: Bob Velke

Source: “50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg: Report of the Pennsylvania Commission” (Harrisburg: Wm. Stanley Ray, State Printer, 1915), pg 55-56.

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