Spiced Tea Mix

This is the time of year when people commonly ask us for the recipe for the “spiced tea” that we serve on tour.  So here for posterity is the recipe.  (We make it in a pretty large volume so you may want to scale down the volumes).




1 x 100 oz Container of Lipton Iced Tea Mix with Lemon.  Save the scoop that is inside because you will use it.








2 x 20 oz Container of Tang Orange Drink Mix (again, 2 of them).




1 x 1.12 oz Jar of McCormick Apple Pie Spice (any brand will do).  You’re going to use HALF (.56 oz) of this container.


Mix all of the ingredients together in a large container.  Then mix some of the concoction with hot water to taste.  (We put 2.5 of the ice tea scoops into a 40 oz thermos).

In smaller volumes, just make the ratios about the same:

2 Parts Ice Tea Mix
1 Part Tang (or a little less)
Apple Pie Spice to taste


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