It must be Spring!

It doesn’t take much to get us excited in Gettysburg, does it?

After a long and miserable winter, we’re thrilled to see the first sign of Spring — the porta-potties have returned to Pitzer Woods! We don’t know whether they were hibernating or migrating (and we don’t want to know) but their winter hiatus is over, much to the relief of Park visitors who have anxiously awaited the flock’s return to its summer camp ground. (A 2.5 hour tour can be a long time to be without a rest room).

Their arrival was almost a month ahead of the schedule that we were told to expect by the pottie-experts in the Park. The hastened schedule was no doubt affected by the arrival of construction (or de-construction) equipment this week at Devil’s Den. The 75-year old brick comfort station there has been targeted for removal as part of the Park’s efforts to return the landscape as much as possible to its 1863 condition. So the temporary facilities, hidden in the woods about at the half-way point in our tour, will be a welcome…um…relief.

You might be thinking that we are overly-excited about rest room news in the Park but it was enough to attract a news crew all the way from WGAL-TV in York! Last night’s newscast included a story about the Devil’s Den project, including an interview of our own Sherry Rudisill as she paused a Segway tour on Little Round Top. The video is on WGAL’s web site here.

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