Used Segways for Sale

The autumn is in full swing but the end of the tour season will be upon us in a few weeks and it is time to think about preparing for next year by refreshing our fleet. We’re looking for good homes for 4-6 of our most mature “horses”.

If you’ve ever thought of buying a Segway (you know you have!), this may be an opportunity that you can’t miss. These are the latest-model Segways (I2s) were born in 2008 and have been lovingly maintained. They have 3-6000 miles on them, new tires, handlebar bags, and two wireless keys each.

Prices range from $3200 to $4000 plus shipping. (New units sell for between $5200 and $6200 plus another $140 for the handlebar bag).

Free delivery is available in the areas of Adams County, PA and the suburbs of Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Picture yourself commuting to work or tooling around town on your very own eco-friendly Segway! Think of all the money you’ll save on gas alone! Just plug it into a standard outlet and pay about $0.25 for a full charge. Don’t miss this chance to get a clean and reliable Segway at a substantial discount.

They make great gifts too!

WARNING: Segway riding is highly addicting. Your spouse will want one too!

Please write to us for more details.


PS: Don’t be misled by low prices on eBay and elsewhere where Segway scams are notorious. Even legitimate sales are for machines that have been in accidents and have wobbly wheels and other serious defects.

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