Big News – We’re moving!

Winter is nearly half over (yahoo!) but we’ve been keeping busy in the off-season, preparing to bring you some really great news!

Segway Tours of Gettysburg is moving out of our little parking lot on Taneytown Road and into a spacious INDOOR location!

Take a sneak peak at some of our new space.

Take a sneak peak at some of our new space.

That’s right — this year we’ll have more room to spread our wings. The new location will not only have enough space to store and expand our fleet but there’s also room for a reception desk, a workroom, and a comfortable sitting area. And we’ll finally have our own restroom!

Best of all, our Segway training will now be conducted indoors and, for those who graduate the introductory course, you’ll be able to practice riding and test your new skills on our indoor Segway obstacle course! There will be cones, ramps, weave poles, and other obstacles to challenge riders of all skills levels. When you leave for your tour, you’ll feel even more comfortable on the Segway because you’ve mastered the bumps, hills, and a much wider variety of obstacles than you’ll ever encounter on the battlefield.

March and November can get really chilly in Gettysburg. And we always have a few really hot days in the summer — especially on the blacktop of a parking lot! But now you’ll be able to learn how to ride a Segway in climate-controlled comfort. And if it rains or it is too hot or cold to take a tour, you can get your “Segway fix” without ever leaving our building!

We’ll start the season at our new location on March 1st. Watch this space as the date gets closer and we’ll give you more details, including our new address.

At Segway Tours of Gettysburg, we’re gearing up for our fourth and best tour season ever! We’re looking forward to taking you on a Segway tour of the battlefield.

2 Responses to “Big News – We’re moving!”

  1. Jamie Ticchio Says:

    Wow! Congratulations!

    My husband and I are intersted in doing the Eastern tour as part of our 10 year anniversary vacation in March. I am so excited! I get to see history *and* feel like Paul Blart ; ) COngrats again on the new place – very nice.

  2. Brother SE270D Says:

    I had no idea that you guys existed! I’ll definitely be looking for you on my next visit.


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