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Gettysburg Campaign – Medals of Honor

How many men were awarded the Medal Of Honor for their action in the Gettysburg Campaign? That question was raised on the Facebook Page “Test Your Knowledge On The Battle of Gettysburg”. It is traditionally said that 64 Medals of Honor were awarded for service in the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. That includes […]

Rubber Baby Berdan Buttons!

At the beginning of the Civil War, one of the country’s best marksman, Hiram Berdan, organized a regiment of similarly-talented marksmen. It became the 1st Regiment United States Sharpshooters and Berdan became its Colonel. The qualifications to be a “sharpshooter” were strict: “No man would be enlisted who could not put ten bullets in succession […]

Gettysburg for Your Smart Phone is now available!

PRESS RELEASE Gettysburg for Your Smart Phone Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – 27 September 2012 – As the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg approaches, SegTours, LLC is proud to announce the release of “Pocket Gettysburg”, an encyclopedia of the battlefield that you can carry in the palm of your hand. “Pocket Gettysburg” includes a massive […]

Relics on Display

If you’ve been to the SegTours shop recently, you may have noticed the collection of Civil War relics on display at our front desk. This modest sampling includes a variety of bullets, buttons, plates, coins, jewelry and other personal effects that were dropped or discarded by soldiers. Most were found with a metal detector by […]

Introducing “Pocket Gettysburg” for your Smartphone!

As the Gettysburg National Military Park commemorates the 149th anniversary of the great battle, we are happy to provide a public preview of a very exciting research tool and study guide that will be available soon. Whether you are walking the fields in Gettysburg or researching the battle from the comfort of your home, you […]

More Rebel Yells

We previously posted a rare video of the 1938 veterans reunion at Gettysburg which included the only known recording of the “Rebel yell”. Now the Smithsonian has dug up a really remarkable video of a dozen or so Confederate veterans reacting the Rebel Yell as a group. Then nine of the old men take turns […]

Gettysburg – Graphical Order of Battle

If you’re interested in the armies that fought at Gettysburg, we invite you to come by and see our Graphical Order of Battle. An “Order of Battle” shows the organization and hierarchy of the army but you’ve never seen one like this before! It is a big graphic chart — sort of like a big […]

Big News – We’re moving!

Winter is nearly half over (yahoo!) but we’ve been keeping busy in the off-season, preparing to bring you some really great news! Segway Tours of Gettysburg is moving out of our little parking lot on Taneytown Road and into a spacious INDOOR location! That’s right — this year we’ll have more room to spread our […]

Fun Facts about the Medal of Honor

As reported previously, it is officially called the Medal of Honor (not Congressional….). and it is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a person in the Armed Services of the United States. Here are a few other interesting facts about the Medal of Honor: General History The Medal of Honor (MOH) is properly […]

1st Lt. Alonzo Cushing – One Step Closer to the Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor has been awarded 1527 times for service in the Civil War, including 63 for service at Gettysburg. The recipients have included such well-known participants of the battle as Major General Daniel Sickles, commander of the III Corps, and Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, defender of Little Round Top who was made even […]