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Segway Tours: The Most Popular Thing to do in Gettysburg!

Well, this is a little embarrassing. As of yesterday, Segway Tours of Gettyburg is now the MOST popular thing to do in Gettysburg, according to the travel site,!Wow. We never really expected to have a higher rating than the battlefield itself! Of course, a vote for SegTours IS a vote for the battlefield too […]

Back from Segway Headquarters

The senior staff of SegTours of Gettysburg is just back from Bedford, New Hampshire, where we visited Segway headquarters.In addition to meeting many of the big-wigs at Segway, Inc., we were treated to a fascinating tour of the Segway factory assembly line. We also heard directly from the source about exciting new Segway projects like […]

Saluting is really not required!

We’ve noticed that, especially as the sun starts to go down, tour participants seem to get very formal in their reaction to the tour guide. But despite appearances in these photographs, there is no truth to the rumor that you are required to salute! Ah, yes, sunset is a beautiful time to tour the Gettysburg […]

#2 Most Popular Thing To Do In Gettysburg!

Another milestone! SegTours of Gettysburg is now the #2 most popular thing to do in Gettysburg, according to TripAdvisor, the popular travel site! #1 is the battlefield. Yeah, we can live with being second to the battlefield! Thanks to all who have posted or will post a review to TripAdvisor! We appreciate your support.