Andersonville Survivors Medal



The newest additions to my collection.

The Confederate prison camp at Andersonville, Georgia, also known as Camp Sumter, was designed to hold a maximum of 10,000 Union prisoners.  At its peak, it held more than three times that number under horrific conditions.  During its 14 months of existence, Andersonville Prison held more than 45,000 Union soldiers, of whom 12,920 died, mostly of starvation and disease.[1]

On 29 April 1914, nearly 50 years after the prison’s liberation, survivors from New York State assembled on the grounds of the original prison to dedicate a monument to the roughly-2500 of their fellow soldiers from that State who had been imprisoned there.

The 144 aging veterans who made the trip were awarded this medal (left) by the State. They were made by Whitehead & Hoag Company of New York City and are engraved on the reverse: “Presented to (soldier’s name) by the State of New York in Recognition of his Heroism, Sacrifice, and Patriotism.”  (The engraving on the one in this photo does not include a soldier’s name.)  As you might guess, very few of these medals still exist, especially in this pristine condition.

The second medal – or badge – was issued to the guests of the Andersonville Monument Dedication Commission at that monument dedication. This badge is even more rare. In fact, I’ve never before seen one intact, much less in near-mint condition.  It was made by J. F. Neuman in New York City.

As mentioned in this post, 5369 Union soldiers were reported “missing or captured” at the Battle of Gettysburg and at least 303 were incarcerated at Andersonville.  107 of them served in a New York regiment but only two lived until 1914 and attended the monument dedication there.[2]  They were:

  • – Private John Sears, Co. F, 119th New York Inf.
  • – Private Robert J. Woodward, Co. C, 154th New York Inf.

The Guest badge is something of a mystery.  Its design and manufacture is mentioned in the Commission Report but, unlike the veteran badge, there is no depiction of it there.  And, while the report describes the ceremony in which veterans were awarded their medals, there’s conspicuously no mention of when or under what conditions the Guest badges were distributed.  

The report says, “The veterans having been assembled in military order within the prison stockade, the services of decorating them with the medals now occurred.”  The Chairman of the Commission is then quoted as saying, “Each comrade, when his name is called, will march to the front and receive his medal.”


This panoramic photograph in the report depicts the “Line Up at Andersonville for Presentation of New York State’s Commemorative Dedication Medal.” That photograph does not appear to include the wives and daughters of the veterans who were among the guests.  In the reception line at the center of the photograph are the Commissioners, the few female presenters, and a handful of other guests.  Some of them are wearing one type of badge or another but most are not. So the timing of the distribution of the Guest badges remains a mystery.

So how many of these medals were made?  According to the New York State Archives, no invoices or other records of the manufacture or engraving of the medals still exist. So we’ll have to make some guesstimates.

The Commission originally identified about 400 former New York soldiers who had survived Andersonville and were still living in the State at that time.  They were all were invited to attend the ceremonies at Andersonville at the Commission’s expense.  Each veteran was responsible for getting himself to New York City, however, where a special train would take them to and from Andersonville.  The veterans were also permitted to bring family and friends at their own expense, estimated by the Commission as $60 per person.

Of the 400 or so veterans that were invited, 248 expressed an intention to go.  As the date approached, however, that number twindled regularly due to the illness or death of some of the veterans.  By the time that the train left Pennsylvania Station, the passengers numbered just 222, according to the Commission’s report[3], including veterans and guests.  The latter group consisted of twelve Commission members (half of whom were veterans), two clerks, a stenographer, a nurse, a photographer, a few politicians and dignitaries, and “a goodly number” of wives and children. (But the final published list of attendees included 144 veterans and 79 guests for a total of 223.)

Contemporary newspaper accounts vary, however.  One newspaper reported that there were “262 in the party”[4] and another said that there were “162 survivors”[5] in the group.  These seem oddly specific, given that they conflict with the official report.

One veteran, Jacob D. Perkins, Private, 85th New York Infantry, reported that he received an engraved medal in the mail even though he did not attend the ceremony at Andersonville.  This suggests that he was among those who originally expressed an intention to go to the dedication but later bowed out.[6]

The Survivors medals would presumably have been ordered as soon as the original list of recipients was compiled (248), would have included a few extras, but would certainly not have exceeded the total number of eligible veterans (400).  So I estimate that between 300 and 400 were manufactured, with at least 248 being inscribed with the name and regiment of a specific veteran.

The order for the Guest medals would have been placed at the same time.  In the end, 79 guests attended the ceremony but there is no record of how many had originally expressed an interest to go.  That number is unlikely to be more than 105, however, accounting for a spouse for each veteran who had bowed out.  So even accounting for spares, it is unlikely that more than 150 of the Guest medals were manufactured.


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“Cousins Removed” Explained

People ask me all the time what a “Third Cousin Twice Removed” (aka 3C2R) is, for instance.  The internet is full of “cousin charts” but I really don’t understand the point of them and I discourage their use. The rules to navigate the chart are more complicated than the rules to just calculate the relationship yourself! (And Step 1 is the same for both).

Spend 5 minutes to understand this chart that I made for a friend and you’ll never have to rely on this or any other chart again.


Right click and save to your computer. Then you can size it to your taste.

And, by the way, cousin relationships are reciprocal.  On my chart, for instance, John’s relationship to George is the same as George’s relationship to John (1C2R).  So don’t worry about whether your line goes on the left or right side.  And no, it doesn’t matter whether the two lines of ascent go through male ancestors, female ancestors, or both, to get to the common ancestor.  That doesn’t affect the cousin relationship. Finally, the two people only need to be descended from ONE common ancestor* and it doesn’t matter whether it is a male or female.

Now, it’s true that, unlike those “other” charts, mine doesn’t explain what a great-great-grandfather is.  And, among other things, it doesn’t explain what an uncle and a nephew is. But:

  1. What adult doesn’t know this already??  Besides, you have to understand what a great-great-grandfather is already in order to use those other charts!
  2. Unlike cousins, those other relationships are gender specific and not reciprocal. (i.e., uncle/aunt vs nephew/niece and g-g-grandfather/mother vs g-g-grandson/daughter). And there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on whether it is GREAT-uncle or GRAND-uncle, for instance.
  3. Is it really worth making it soooo much harder to learn what a 1C2R is by having the chart get bogged down defining terms that most people already know?

Finally, if you know what a great-grandFATHER is and you know what an uncle is, then you should know what a great-grandUNCLE is.  If you don’t, then I can’t help you.

(Sorry, it’s 4am and I’m getting punchy…)


* Full disclosure: there are claims in some circles that a “cousin” requires a PAIR of common ancestors and that if there is only one, then they are “half-cousins.”  It is a tedious debate so I will merely quote the Oxford English Dictionary, the universally-accepted authority on the English language, and readers can judge for themselves:

“Cousin: (1) a collateral relative more distant than a brother or sister, (2) The son or daughter of one’s uncle or aunt, (3) first, second cousin, etc.; expressing the relationship between persons descended the same number of steps in distinct lines from A COMMON ANCESTOR.” (emphasis added)

Congressman on a Segway


Yesterday we had the honor of hosting Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) and his staff for a Segway tour of the Gettysburg battlefield. It was a beautiful day for a great group of folks to enjoy a fun and educational experience on the park! Thanks for coming!

A Reunion of Badges

The 46th Annual Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association Civil War Artifact and Collectibles Show in Gettysburg yesterday was the setting for a unique reunion.  For probably the first time in 81 years, the three known surviving examples of the Commissioner’s badge for the 1938 Gettysburg reunion were in the same room.

commissioner badges

On the left is the badge worn by Pennsylvania Governor George H. Earle III (1890-1964). It is from the collection of the author, Bob Velke.

On the middle/bottom is the badge worn by Secretary of War Harry Hines Woodring (1887-1967).  It is from the collection of Kevin Himber.

On the right is the badge of Representative Harry Luther Haines (1880-1947) from Pennsylvania.  It is from Mickey McIntire’s collection. 

The gold and silver badges were made by Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co. in Philadelphia and each is engraved with the name of the recipient on the reverse.  The top bar of Representative Haines’ badge (on the right) is original while those of the other two are reproductions.  Apparently, over the years, the bar was easily detached and lost.

The collectors suppose that there were perhaps 15 or 16 of these badges originally.  They were presented to the 9 members of the Pennsylvania Commission, the 5 members of the Federal Commission, the Governor of Pennsylvania, and perhaps the Executive Secretary of the Commission, Rob. L. Roy.

What a beautiful sight!

Free Access to and

While there are some wonderful free web sites (notably from which you can access many online records, and offer a wide variety of records that are not available anywhere else.  In fact, if you go to the National Archives in Washington D.C. to access the original microfilms for those records, you’ll be directed to and instead. In order to access most of the records at or from your home computer or laptop, however, you’d need to pay a subscription fee.  But there are many ways to access them for FREE.

  • Many public libraries and historical societies have subscriptions to these services and you can access them from the computers in their research rooms.  In some cases, if you have a library card, you can even access these services through the library’s web site from home. Contact your local public library, college/university library, or historical society and you might be surprised!
  • The National Archives in D.C. and more than a dozen of their branch offices around the country are equipped with research rooms and public-use computers with full access to and  To search for the closest National Archives Branch Office to your area, access this web site and then click on “Research Facilities”.
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka the LDS Church) operates hundreds of “Family History Centers” around the U.S. and the world. You do not have to be a member of the church to make use of these excellent facilities.  The church also partners with a variety of “FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries.”  Not only do they have subscriptions to and but they are staffed by very knowledgeable volunteers who can help you with almost any research problem.  Check this web site to find a LDS research facility in your area.
  • The web sites in question sometimes offer “Free Access Weekends.”  Keep an eye on a genealogy newsletter or on the Facebook pages of and for announcements.  You’ll need to register for a free basic membership to take advantage of these special offers.
  • Both web sites periodically offer free trials.  The free trial for is for 14 days while the one for is for 7 days. In each case, you’ll need to create a membership account and provide a credit card which will be charged if you neglect to cancel at least two days before the end of your trial period.

Finally, if you do a lot of research, then you may find that a subscription to these web sites is well worth the money.  At this writing (December, 2018):

  • A “U.S. Discovery” Membership to costs $19.95/month or $189/year.  Membership to includes the option for $30 off an annual Premium Membership to
  • The standard price for a Premium Membership to is $7.95/month or $79.95/year.

The records that are available at and are just too good to miss.

A Kearny Medal Mystery


Photo from the author’s collection. Inset is the Kearny Medal.

Capt. Solomon T. Lyon of the 5th Michigan Infantry has been described as a recipient of the Kearny Medal and there is a photo that seems to prove it.  The trouble is that, not only was Capt. Lyon not on the official list of recipients, but he apparently didn’t qualify to receive the medal.  So what’s going on here?

The Kearny Medal was conceived and designed by the officers of the 1st Division, 3rd Corps, Army of the Potomac.  At a meeting on 29 November 1862, a committee of those officers set down the qualifications to receive it; to wit:

Resolved, That all officers, and soldiers who may be promoted
to the grade of commissioned officer previous to January 1st,
1863, and who have honorably served in battle under
Maj.-Gen. Kearny in his Division, and whose military record
is without stain, shall alone be permitted to wear
the “Kearny Medal.”

The trouble is that Capt. Lyon wasn’t even in the army in January, 1863 – much less as an officer serving under Gen. Kearny.  According to his Compiled Service Record (and as supported by his pension application and other documents), he mustered in as a 2nd Lieutenant of Co. E, 5th Michigan Infantry on 24 April 1864 – more than 15 months after the qualification period ended. He was promoted to 1st Lt. in July and to Captain in November of the same year.

There is evidence that a few other officers (and one woman) who were not on the official list of recipients were later awarded the medal. But they proved to meet the qualifications or they were awarded with some fanfare as a gift by the commanding officer, Gen. Birney, or (in the case of the woman) by a group of high-ranking officers.  No such evidence has been found regarding Capt. Lyon.  Furthermore, in stark contrast to most other recipients, there is no reference to the medal in his pension application, published biographies, contemporary newspapers, or his obituary.

As mentioned previously, a committee of officers designed the Kearny Medal and documented a list of the officers who were qualified to receive it.  But there is no evidence of a benefactor, sponsor, or fund that was developed to pay for its manufacture.  Rather, the evidence indicates that (with a few special exceptions), each qualifying officer was required to purchase his own medal.*  So perhaps Capt. Lyon simply purchased one?

It would seem not.  The committee of officers that designed the medal were specifically instructed to “take bonds from the manufacturers of the medal, sufficient to prevent them from disposing of the same to persons not entitled to wear it.”  In fact, even some officers who were qualified to receive the medal had difficulty in proving that they were entitled to it.  For instance, Lt. Robert McWade (40th New York) was required to provide a testimonial from his commanding officer before being allowed to purchase his medal because his name was written as “McQuade” on the list of qualified recipients.  So it seems unlikely that Capt. Lyon could have surreptitiously received one.

There are several known cases where an officer received more than one copy of the medal. Some were lost/stolen and replaced and one officer is actually listed twice on the qualifying list.  Perhaps Capt. Lyon received a duplicate medal from one of his fellow officers?

There are even some 19th-century companies that were known to offer forgeries of the Kearny Medal – but what self-respecting officer of that stature would subject himself to a charge of “stolen valor” from his peers?

Perhaps the medal on his chest in the photo isn’t a Kearny Medal after all?  The inset is provided for your examination.

I don’t have the answer.  Previous posts to this blog and to my Facebook page about the medal have inspired some living descendants and fellow researchers to contact me with details or photographs of a recipient.  Maybe this post will have the same effect.  Please contact me or comment below if you have evidence or even a theory that would explain this mystery.

-Bob Velke

*There was reportedly nothing to prevent an officer from paying more money to have gems inset into his medal or to customize the length of the ribbon, etc.  Presumably, an officer with lesser means might likewise forego the ribbon and top bar, for instance, in order to pay less money for his medal.  It is not uncommon, therefore, to see photos of the drop or planchet of the medal being worn as a pin – as in the photo above.

A Pension for Annie Etheridge

Annie Etheridge is one of at least four women who are known to have received the Kearny Cross.  And, although she never actually enlisted in the army (serving as a volunteer field nurse or “vivandiere”), she is frequently described as one of the very few female private citizens who received a pension for her service to the army. Until now, however, no strong evidence had been produced that she actually received such a pension.


Photo credit: Military Images Magazine

Much has been written about Annie Etheridge (née Blair), whose husband, James Etheridge, enlisted with the 2nd Michigan Infantry during the Civil War.  Annie followed the regiment (and subsequently the 3rd and 5th Michigan Infantries) throughout their service, tending to the wounded in the field and often being exposed to live fire.  She was wounded at least once, reportedly had two horses shot out from under her, and her dress was often described as being “riddled with bullets.” And yet “Gentle Annie,” as she was known by the many men in her Division who loved and respected her, never received any compensation for her service.

As evidence of the attempts to obtain a pension for Annie Etheridge (who by 1870 had divorced James Etheridge and married Charles E. Hooks), researchers often cite newspaper articles or quote from reports of the Committee on Pensions in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives where her fate was debated*.  But proof that the pension was actually granted has proved more elusive.

Here, in what is believed to be the first publication outside of the Congressional Record, is a copy of the Special Act of Congress that was passed on 19 February 1887 and signed by President Grover Cleveland, granting a pension of $25 per month to Anna Etheridge Hooks**:



Photo credit:

In the 1886 discussion in the House of Representatives, Annie is described as “poor and needy,” having “never recovered from the results of her long and arduous service.”  While she originally requested a pension of $50 per month, the final award of $25 per month (about $663 in today’s money) no doubt came as some relief to her in the last quarter century of her life.

Annie died on 23 Jan 1913 at the age of 73.  She is buried with her husband, Corporal Charles E. Hooks, in Arlington National Cemetery (Section 15, Lot 701).

UPDATE, 5 AUG 2019: Good news!  I found her full pension file (Cert #352510) at the National Archives in D.C.!  It is only 10 pages but includes a statement by Charles E. Hooks that the two were married by a Rev. Dr. Butler in Washington D.C. on 1 Mar 1870.  Dated 4 Jun 1898, the statement further asserts that he was not previously married and the couple had no living children.  Most notably, it confirms that Annie really did receive the money that was promised to her, the last payment to her being made on 4 Dec 1912.


* The U. S. Senate report of the Committee on Pensions, 49th Congress, First Session, Report #1544, 22 July 1886.

   The U. S. Senate report of the Committee on Pensions (revised), 49th Congress, First Session, Report #1599, 30 July 1886.

   The U. S. House of Representatives report of the Committee on Pensions, 49th Congress, Second Session, Report #3763, 26 January 1887.

** “An Act Granting a Pension to Mrs. Anna Etheridge Hooks”, Ch. 155, 24 Stat., 903 (1887).


Iowa at Gettysburg

In “The Battle of Gettysburg Discussion Group” on Facebook, Jessie Weedleton pointed to an article in the The Gazette of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which said that a memorial to Civil War soldiers in the city cemetery in Lisbon, Iowa included a large boulder that had been moved from the battlefield at Gettysburg.  According to the article, “The blue granite stone chosen was removed from a spot along the Baltimore Pike, near where the right flank of Gen. George Meade’s army fought. The boulder measured five feet by six feet and was three feet thick. It weighed about four tons.”

Although the monument was apparently intended to be to all Civil War soldiers from Iowa, it was placed in the cemetery adjacent to four (later seven) veterans who “served in Meade’s army” and, in light of the boulder, presumably served at Gettysburg.  Jessie wondered in which regiments those soldiers had fought.

My first reaction was to point out that the 11th U.S. Inf. was raised in part from Des Moines County, IA and the 12th U.S. Inf. was raised in part from Dubuque County IA.1  But the article in The Gazette mentioned seven soldiers by name.  I did a little online research about them and, while they each died in Iowa, none of them lived there at the time of the war.

In fact, they were all born in Pennsylvania and they all (with one possible exception) fought for a Pennsylvania regiment!

This is for you, Jessie:

Josiah Richard is something of a mystery.  The article suggests that he died in 1911.  But the Josiah Richard who is buried in that cemetery and died on 11 Aug 1911 was born on 21 Feb 1855, according to his tombstone, and is unlikely to have served in the war at the age of 6-9.

His father, “Josiah Richard” aka Reichert/Reichart, was born on 6 Aug 1831 in Pine Grove, Schuylkill County, PA and died 18 Feb 1901 in Lisbon and is buried in the same cemetery.  The Linn County Death Records say that a Josiah Richert born ca. 1831 died on 3 Apr 1901.  Anyway, the Iowa GAR Membership records say that he mustered into Co. G, 173rd PA Inf. on 2 Nov 1862. But that regiment was in the 7th Corps of the Department of Virginia and on 1-3 July 1863 was on provost duty in Norfolk, VA.  On July 9th, the regiment was transferred to the 1B, 2D, 11th Corps, Army of the Potomac and Richert mustered out of that regiment five weeks later, 18 Aug 1863.  Despite the discrepancies with his name and death year (apparently confused with his son’s), this is probably the veteran to which the article refers.  He did indeed serve “with Meade’s army” — but only briefly and not at Gettysburg.

Dewalt Shontz Fouse was born 15 Nov 1840 in Huntingdon County, PA and died 13 Mar 1912 in Lisbon, IA.  He enlisted as a Sergeant in Co C, 53rd PA Inf. on 16 Sep 1861, was promoted to Lt. on 1 Dec 1862, served at Gettysburg, and was discharged as a 1st Lt. on 8 Oct 1864.  According to his obituary, he had been a minister in the Reformed Church for 45 years and the general superintendent of the board of home missions for 20 years.  His name is on the Pennsylvania State Memorial at Gettysburg.

David Christian Bruch was born 10 Jan 1833 in Northampton County, PA and died on 30 May 1915 in Linn County, Iowa.  (His pension records says that he died on the 29th in Cedar Rapids). He enlisted on 25 Sep 1862 as a Private in Co I, 153rd PA Inf., served at Gettysburg, and was discharged on 24 Jul 1863. His name is on the Pennsylvania State Memorial at Gettysburg.

Benjamin Shirey Rowe (aka Row) is another mystery.  According to his tombstone and Iowa GAR records, he was born 12 Jan 1837 in Leigh Co., PA and died 8 Apr 1916 in Lisbon, IA.  However, his obituary (Lisbon Herald, 16 Apr 1916) gives his birth date as 12 Dec 1836.  In any case, he first served as a Private in Co. A, 8th Indiana Infantry which was a 3-month regiment (Jun 19-Aug 6, 1861).  Then he re-enlisted 24 Aug 1861  in the 3rd Battery, Indiana Light Artillery and was discharged as a Sergeant.  His obituary gives that date of discharge as “1863” but the Adjutant General of Indiana reported that Rowe re-enlisted on 30 Nov 1863 and was finally discharged on 21 Aug 1865.  As we will see below, that potentially leaves a short window in mid-1863 during which we cannot account for his whereabouts.

But neither the 8th Indiana Infantry nor the 3rd Battery, Indiana Light Artillery was ever in “Meade’s army.” Interestingly, however, the Pennsylvania State Memorial at Gettysburg lists a “Private Benjamin S. Rowe” in Co. F of the 26th PA Emergency Infantry regiment which mustered in on 22 Jun 1863 and out on 31 Jul 1863.  While the 26th PA Emergency Infantry wasn’t technically part of the Army of the Potomac, it was a Union regiment that fought at Gettysburg.  Could Rowe have been discharged in 1863 (as his obituary says), moved back to his state of birth, served during the short span of the the 26th PA Emergency Infantry, and then re-enlisted in the Indiana Artillery? Perhaps but we will likely not know until someone examines his complete pension file at the National Archives (Appl. #711271, Cert #826453).  Failing that, we have no explanation for him having been described as a veteran of “Meade’s army.”

Daniel Stahl was born in 21 Feb 1841 in Jonestown, PA and died in 16 Jan 1927 in Lisbon, IA.  He enlisted as a Private in Co. G, 96th PA Inf. on 23 Sep 1861. The Iowa GAR records claim that he was in the Battle of Gettysburg but he is not listed in that regiment on the Pennsylvania State Memorial at Gettysburg. He was wounded in the left thigh at Spottsylvania Court House on 10 May 1864, transferred to Co. G, 95th on 18 Oct 1864, and was discharged on 17 Jul 1865.

William L. Barnicle (aka Barnacle) was born on 18 Jan 1838 in Huntington County, PA and died of a cerebral hemorrhage on 28 Feb 1927 in Cedar Rapids, IA. He enlisted in 30 August 1861 as a Private in Co. D, 49th PA Inf.  He transferred (during consolidation) on 11 Jan 1863 to Co. C of the same regiment and was discharged on 23 Oct 1864 (or 15 Jul 1865, according to a different source).  The regiment fought at Gettysburg but his name is not listed on the Pennsylvania State Memorial.

Conrad Bowers (aka Bauer) was born 2 May 1835 in Northampton County, PA and died 14 Dec 1929 in Lisbon, IA.  He enlisted on 25 Sep 1862 as a Private in Co. I, 153rd PA Inf. and was promoted to Corporal on 16 Oct 1862.  He fought at Gettysburg and mustered out on 24 July 1863.   His name is listed as “Conrad Bauer” on the Pennsylvania State Memorial at Gettysburg.

I know – that’s more than you wanted to know, Jessie 🙂

It is interesting to note that 364 Civil War veterans who were living in Iowa in 1913 — maybe including some of those above — came to Gettysburg to attend the 50th anniversary of the battle.  46 attended the 75th anniversary in 1938.

Sources:,,,,,, and

1 Pocket Gettysburg citing Edmund J. Raus, Jr., “A Generation on the March: The Union Army at Gettysburg (Gettysburg, Thomas Publications, 1996).

On the trail of the Kearny Cross and Charlotte E. McKay

Gen. Birney wearing his own Kearny Cross

Gen. Birney wearing his own Kearny Cross

As some of you know, I’m writing a book about the Kearny Cross: a medal which was awarded by Union General David B. Birney (and named in memory of his predecessor) to members of the First Division, Third Corps, Army of the Potomac.

There were two versions of the medal: the “Kearny Medal of Honor” for officers and the “Kearny Cross of Valor” for enlisted men. They’re often referred to collectively as the “Kearny Cross.” Although they were actively awarded over the course of at least two years (Dec ’62-Dec-’64), the only published list of recipients of the Kearny Cross was issued by Gen. Birney in the form of General Order #48 following the Battle of Chancellorsville in early May, 1863. That order identified 454 “meritorious and distinguished non-commissioned officers and privates, selected for their gallantry” and lists the recipients by name.

An unusual characteristic of this order is that it included two women – volunteer field nurses or “vivandiers” named Anna Etheridge and Mary Tepe who were noted for their bravery because they went onto the battlefield to tend to the wounded of both sides, even as bullets flew all around them.

But my research has uncovered at least two more women who received this medal. I thought that I would relate the story of my efforts to track one of these previously-unknown female recipients of the Kearny Cross.

I first encountered a reference to Charlotte E. McKay in a book that was published just two years after the end of the war called Woman’s Work in the Civil War: A Story of Heroism, Patriotism and Patience by L. P. Brockett, M.D., and Mary C. Vaughn. In it, the authors said about Charlotte:

“The officers and men who had been under her care in the Cavalry Corps Hospital, presented her on Christmas day, 1864, with an elegant gold badge and chain, with a suitable inscription, as a testimonial of their gratitude for her services” and “a magnificent Kearny Cross, with its motto and an inscription indicating by whom it was presented.”

I’m wary of any new source, however, and had not found any previous reference to Charlotte E. McKay as a recipient of the medal. I also know of several instances where a soldier claimed years later to have received a “Kearny Cross” but it turned out to be another kind of medal or even a souvenir badge or replica purchased from a sutler. So I decided to dig a little deeper into Charlotte’s story.

The book said that Mrs. McKay, “a resident of Massachusetts, had early in the war been bereaved of her husband and only child, not by the vicissitudes of the battle-field but by sickness at home.”

With the wonders of online search engines, it didn’t take long to find Charlotte’s tombstone in San Diego, California, giving her lifespan as 1818-1894. A few minutes later, I found Charlotte’s record in the 1860 Federal Census which showed her living alone with her then-5-year-old daughter, Julia L. McKay. With a little persistence, I was even able to find a copy of the last will and testament of “Charlotte Elizabeth McKay” among the Massachusetts State Probate Records. In it, she named her deceased husband as William P. McKay.

The beginning of Charlotte Elizabeth McKay’s last will and testament

The beginning of Charlotte Elizabeth McKay’s last will and testament

Most interestingly, she made a point in her will to bequeath to a nephew “my gold chain watch and my cavalry medal.” The Kearny Cross wasn’t a “cavalry medal” but you’ll recall that the book quoted above claimed that it and an “elegant gold badge and chain” were given to her by her patients at the Cavalry Corps Hospital – so it makes sense that Charlotte would refer to the medal as a “cavalry medal.” But it still wasn’t necessarily a Kearny Cross.

That initial source, the book Woman’s Work in the Civil War, related another interesting detail about Mrs. McKay. It said that “she witnessed the bloody but successful assault on Marye’s Heights, and while ministering to the wounded who covered all the ground in front of the fortified position, received the saddening intelligence that her brother, who was with Hooker at Chancellorsville, had been instantly killed in the protracted fighting there.”

I thought it was odd that the book didn’t name the brother or his regiment. If I could resolve those details, I thought, it would help to convince me that the source was also reliable when it identified Charlotte’s medal as a Kearny Cross.

Back to her last will and testament, I find that she referred to two living brothers – “J. S. Johnson” and “F. A. Johnson” – and two deceased ones – “T. S. Johnson” and “H. Johnson.” The soldier wasn’t necessarily one of the latter two (i.e., she may have had other dead brothers who were not mentioned in the will) but clearly, her maiden name was Johnson.

Continuing to dig, I found that the 1885 book History of the One Hundred and Forty-First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1862-1865 by David Craft expressed that regiment’s appreciation for the nurses who tended their wounded. This book included just two sentences about “Mrs. Charlotte E. McKay.” There was no mention of her receiving a medal but the second sentence was this:

“Mrs. McKay had a brother in the Seventh Maine Regiment, who was killed at Chancellorsville, and she while the battle was still raging went fearlessly upon the field to care for him, and others who were wounded.”

Now I had a surname and a regiment! I happened to have the 1863 Adjutant General’s Report from the State of Maine on my bookshelf so I hurriedly flipped through the list of men in the 7th Maine Infantry looking for a soldier named “Johnson.” You can imagine my disappointment when I found that there were only two and they had both survived the war.

Shucks! If the story about the brother was wrong, then maybe my initial source’s description of her medal as a “Kearny Cross” couldn’t be trusted either.

I needed more supporting evidence – and a search of GoogleBooks produced it in the form of an even older book called Women of the War by Frank Moore. This book, published in 1866, said that Charlotte E. McKay “had received a magnificent Kearny Cross, with the front inscription, ‘Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori;’ and on the reverse, “Presented to Mrs. C. E. McKay, by the officers of the Seventeenth regiment Maine volunteers, May, 1863.”

The Latin inscription translates to “It is sweet and glorious to die for one’s country” which is the correct inscription for an authentic Kearny Medal (the officers’ version)!

The book goes on: “Early in January, 1863, she was, after much difficulty, furnished with a pass which admitted her within the army lines at Falmouth, where the army was encamped. She spent several days in visiting her brother and other friends in the Seventeenth Maine volunteers” So her brother was in the 17th (not 7th!) Maine Infantry.

And then the authors related this little anecdote which happened after the brother’s death:

”We have lost too much to give up now; we have something to revenge,” said Captain F., her brother’s friend and tent-mate, as he stood one evening in front of her tent, just ready to mount his horse and ride away. He was very pale, and there was a gravity in his manner quite unnatural, for he was usually gay, and apparently light-hearted. A few weeks later, and he lay writhing in pain, and dying on the bloody field of Gettysburg.”

It is worth noting that an enlisted man would not likely be bunked in the same tent as a “Captain F.” Charlotte’s brother was almost certainly an officer.

So, I thought, now I have to find an officer named Johnson in the 17th Maine Infantry who was killed at Chancellorsville and was in the same company with a Captain whose last name started with F. and died at Gettysburg. Back to the Adjutant General’s report…

And there it was:

An excerpt from the 1863 Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Maine

An excerpt from the 1863 Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Maine

“Oh, Dudley,” I cried out, “I’ve been looking for you, buddy!” The tent-mate was Captain Almon A. Fogg and their fates described in the right-hand column were a perfect match.

But as exciting as that was, the connection between Charlotte and this Dudley H. Johnson was still just a theory. I needed to prove a direct connection between them. But then I noticed that Dudley’s marital status is given as “M.” While Dudley didn’t survive to collect a pension, maybe his wife did!

Oh so conveniently, includes full digital copies of Civil War widows’ pension files online. And sure enough, on 23 June 1863, a Sarah Marie Johnson filed for an army pension citing the service of her deceased husband, First Lieutenant Dudley H. Johnson, Company H, 17th Maine Infantry who “was killed by a bullet wound at the Battle of Chancellorsville on the third day of May, 1863.” The pension was granted with minimal paperwork.

Sarah Marie Johnson's pension application

Sarah Marie Johnson’s pension application

Ten years later, however, Sarah applied for an increase to the pension amount. In the interim, she had moved to New Brunswick, Canada – a decision which greatly complicated the matter. Suspicious government investigators insisted that, unless she could prove that the dead soldier had been a U.S. citizen, Sarah might lose her pension altogether. What followed was a flurry of correspondence and affidavits as Sarah tried desperately to justify her pension. I’m sure that it was a time of great stress for poor Sarah – but it was a blessing for me.

Her pension file became thick with documentation and on the very last page (of course!) was a witness’ affidavit in support of Sarah. The witness’ testimony began:

“Dudley H. Johnson was my youngest brother. Said Dudley was a citizen of the United States. I was twelve years old at the time of birth of my brother, Dudley H. Johnson, and I have a distinct recollection of the same in Sullivan, Hancock County, State of Maine.”

At the bottom of the page was the witness’ signature:


And so the circle of evidence is complete and I think that Charlotte can join the very short list of women who received a medal for bravery during the U.S. Civil War.

Now if only I could find a photograph of her!

The only official published list includes 454 recipients of the Kearny Cross. But so far, my research has identified 804 recipients, culled from hundreds of sources, including regimental histories, diaries, newspaper accounts, unpublished manuscripts, and obituaries, among others. In addition to a comprehensive list, I hope in my book to present a short biography in tribute to each recipient.

1 down, 803 to go.

Veterans who attended the 1938 Reunion at Gettysburg (long)

Photo courtesy ACHS

Photo courtesy ACHS

The list of veterans who attended the 1938 reunion at Gettysburg is well-documented … in theory. The official report of the Pennsylvania Commission1 includes a list of those veterans who attended but there are several problems with that list.

First, the book is hard to find and therefore not readily accessible to most researchers.

Second, the names are sorted by state of residence and then by surname. So if you are searching for a specific soldier, you have to know where he lived in 1938 — which, in many or perhaps even most cases, is NOT the state from which he served in the war. If you don’t know it, you have to search every state for your soldier separately.

Third, the list includes dozens of careless sorting mistakes. So if you aren’t very careful, you may not notice that your SMITH is inexplicably squeezed between ROBINS and ROE.

Similarly, the author’s summary table of “The Number of Veterans, by State, Attending the Reunion” (pg 266) is full of errors with some States under-represented and others over-represented. The actual list contains 1855 names but the total on the summary table is 1845.

It is also worth noting that the “official” list only claims to reflect the names of those veterans whose transportation and housing were paid for by the Commission. There may have been dozens of veterans who attended the reunion at their own expense and are not included in the list. And there is at least one veteran who is known to have attended and received an official badge from the Commission but is not included in the official list.

Here, then, for the benefit of researchers is the complete2 and corrected list of attendees, sorted by surname. The army for which each soldier served, (U)nion or (C)onfederate, is identified after his name.

Name Residence in 1938
Abbett, William A. (U) 531 Chestnut St., Columbus, IN
Adams, David R. (U) 1026 E. Main St., Olney, IL
Adams, John C. (U) P.O. Box 244, Jonesboro, IN
Adams, John Q. (U) 247 N. Santa Anita, Burbank, CA
Aderholdt, Thomas S. (C) Friars Point, MS
Agee, John (U) Bogard, MO
Ainsworth, James G. (C) Wesson, MS
Akers, Albert L. (U) 1713 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, IN
Akin, Dudley Duncan (U) 8216 North Nevada Ave., Colorado Spgs., CO
Albee, Eugene L. (U) 61 South St., Addison, NY
Aldridge, John L. (U) 617 East 19th, Indianapolis, IN
Alexander, Curtis L. (U) 525 E. Beach Blvd., Biloxi, MS
Alexander, Henry (U) 717 8th St., Baraboo, WI
Alexander, John W. (U) Hext, TX
Allard, George, Sr. (C) Byers, TX
Allen, Benjamin Franklin (C) R. 7, Knoxville, TN
Allen, Daniel Sylvester (U) 501 N. 10th Ave., Edinburg, TX
Allen, Eugene (U) 1434 Beaver Ave., S.E. Cedar Rapids, IA
Allen, Leander (U) R. 1, North Troy, VT
Allen, Mitchell S. (U) Canal Winchester, OH
Allen, William (U) 712 Blaine Ave., South Bend, IN
Alley, Joseph Harrison (U) 264 Hiatt St., Lebanon, OR
Alley, Uriah T. (U) Cameron, WV
Allman, N. W. (C) Morganton, NC
Allred, William P. (U) 515 N. Lafayette, Corydon, IA
Alphonse, John (C) 1700 Moss St., New Orleans, LA
Alverson, Joseph H. (U) R. 2, Batavia, IA
Alward, John T. (U) 1355 So. St., Redding, CA
Amadon, Frank Edward (U) 57 Mechanic St., Keene, NH
Ambrose, Thomas (U) 4358 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, IL
Ames, Marshall L. (U) Derby Line, VT
Anderson, Augustus, S. (U) 904 Walworth Ave., Whitewater, WI
Anderson, H. C. (C) Troy, TN
Anderson, Isaac (U) 115 N. Bryan St., Hicksville, OH
Anderson, John K. (U) Pleasant Hill, MO
Andrew, John E. (U) 2101 Hampshire St., Quincy, IL
Andrews, John (U) 803 9th St., Woodward, OK
Applegate, William E. (U) 917 Jewell Ave., Topeka, KS
Arbuckle, John (U) Subury Road, Columbus, OH
Arihood, Thomas J. (U) c/o W. J. Ludington, Gdn., 206 4th Ave., East Oskaloosa, IA
Armstrong, Alexander (U) Elk St., Frankfort, KY
Armstrong, Benjamin (U) 512 E. Franklin St., Bloomfield, IA
Armstrong, Thomas (U) 216 E. Main, Lancaster, NY
Arney, J. Franklin (C) Pennington Gap, VA
Arnn, James R. (C) R. 4, Marlow, OK
Arnold, Sanford A. (U) 301 W. 5th St., Larned, KS
Ash well, Daniel Tompkins (C) 414 N.E. Halsey St., Portland, OR
Ashcraft, John (C) R. 1, Booneville, MS
Ashley, William H. (U) 105 Clark St., Bangor, MI
Atchison, William M. (U) 965 So. Harvard Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
Aughinbaugh, Samuel (U) 419 So. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Ausenbaum, Adam W. (U) Grant Park, IL
Austin, George A. (U) South Byron, NY
Ayers, Edwin L. (U) Pulaski, PA
Aylsworth, Julius P. (U) 74 North Main St., Monroe, NY
Babcock, Gardner (U) RFD, Evansville, WI
Babcock, Robert (U) North Butler-L, Erie, KS
Bagley, Sidney (U) St. Elmo, IL
Bailey, Charles William (U) 1210 So. 8th, Baldwin City, KS
Bailey, George A. (U) 169 Laurel Dr., Needham, MA
Bailey, George Henry (U) Syracuse, IN
Bailey, Lusious (C) Hartford, AL
Bailey, William (U) Broad St., Sandy Lake, PA
Bailey, William F. (U) 4608 Dyer St., LaCrescento, CA
Bailey, Z. T., Sr. (C) R. 1, Brooklyn, MS
Baker, Henry (U) Box 194, Meshoppen, PA
Baker, Henry G. (U) 25 S. Stanley Rd., So. Orange, NJ
Baker, Jacob (U) R. 1, Golden City, MO
Baker, Lewis L. (U) 21 Walker St., New London, CT
Baker, Matthias (U) R. 2, Shenandoah, IA
Baker, Robert Dean (U) Colt, MO
Baker, William J. (U) 2338 Fitzwater St., Philadelphia, PA
Baldridge, David H. (U) 502 N. Pearl Ave., Joplin, MO
Baldridge, John L. (U) West Union, OH
Ball, Arthur J. (U) Mapleton, KS
Ball, Lewis A. (C) Louisville, MS
Balland, Samuel A. (U) 114 Elm St., Eaton, CO
Ballinger, David (U) 798 W. 10th St., Ramona, CA
Banks, William W. (C) c/o J. C. Banks, Franklin St. Sta., Houston, TX
Banner, Newton (U) Sherwood, NC
Banzett, Henry (U) 320 N. Governors Ave., Dover, DE
Barber, Sanford D. (U) 203 Tinker St., Painesville, OH
Barfield, Walter (C) Soldiers Home, Raleigh, NC
Barker, James K. Polk (U) 1633 S. High St., Columbus, OH
Barker, James R. (U) Green Valley, IL
Barker, Thomas (U) 415 New Bridge Rd., Bellmore, NY
Barkman, John C. (U) Main St., Long Valley, NJ
Barnes, Andrew J. P. (U) 1606 Kentucky Ave., Joplin, MO
Barnes, James Whitney (U) 904 Lyons St., Lake Charles, LA
Barnes, John W. (U) 418 N. Main St., Kokomo, IN
Barns, William (U) 943 Cypress St., Oakland, CA
Barothy, Charles (U) 1612 Military Ave., Omaha, NE
Barrett, Marion B. (U) R. 4, Cadiz, OH
Barrett, Robert (U) Dulsney, KY
Barron, Hiram H. (U) 409 N. Sherman Ave., Sioux Falls, SD
Bartholomew, Seymour (U) 30 Maple St., Dayton, OH
Bartleson, John W. (U) 421 N. Mill, Beloit, KS
Barton, Frank J. (U) Kingsbury, IN
Barton, John H. (U) 1425 Wyeth Ave., Harrisburg, PA
Barton, John W. (C) Higginsville, MO
Baughman, Solomon J. (U) Farmington, NM
Baum, Christopher (U) R. 1, Greenville, OH
Baxter, James J. (U) 336 12th St., Elyria, OH
Bayles, Daniel (U) Red Bluff, CA
Beard, Amos H. (U) 154 W. Oley St., Reading, PA
Beard, Samuel M. (U) 23 Minerva St., Tiffin, OH
Beatty, William (C) Cromwell, KY
Beaumont, John F. (U) Milford, MI
Beck, Thomas D. (C) R. 2, Tallassee, AL
Becker, Rudolph A. (U) Minn. Soldiers Home, Minneapolis, MN
Becker, Samuel B. (U) Main St., Strausstown, PA
Beebe, David R. (U) 1808 Gundry, Long Beach, CA
Beene, Jacob S. (C) 932 E. 8th St., Dallas, TX
Bell, H. M. (C) Fayette, AL
Bell, John Putnam (U) 1254 Wabash St., Denver, CO
Benbrook, Hosea (C) Sequah St., Fayetteville, AR
Bender, William H. (U) 515 N. St., Berlin, PA
Benedict, Horace (U) Fredericktown, MO
Benham, Robert (U) 519 S. Shartel St., Oklahoma City, OK
Bennet, John Randolph (U) Waynesfield, OH
Benson, George Washington (C) R. 1, Charlotte, NC
Bentley, Charles L. (U) 9001 Williams St., Fenton, MI
Berkshire, Ezra (U) 2231 Pontius Ave., W. Los Angeles, CA
Berry, M. R. (C) Sweet Home, AR
Berry, Mark (U) Colborn St., Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada
Berryhill, Joseph (C) Magnolia, MS
Bertram, S. S. (U) 511 Harrison St., Shenandoah, IA
Bettis, Andrew J. (U) Scandia, KS
Betts, James A. (U) Waverly, TN
Bickler, Alfred (U) Soldiers & Sailors Home, Erie, PA
Biddle, Eli George (U) 20 Greenwich Pk., Boston, MA
Bierly, Henry B. (U) 141 Homer St., Marion, OH
Biesecker, Hiram (U) Monticello, IL
Bifler, Henry A. (U) R. 1, Clovis, NM
Bilbee, William H. (U) Court House, Trenton, NJ
Billington, John (U) 222 E. Canecly St., Springfield, IL
Birch, McKindree (U) 1507 Pierse St., Sullivan, IL
Birget, Theodric (U) Gen. Del., Holdenville, OK
Bishop, Carter (C) R. 134 So. Sycamore St., Petersburg, VA
Bishop, James Martin (U) 692 Pine St., Altadena, CA
Bissell, Frank (U) Chili Ave., Scottsville, NY
Blackburn, Richard Pulaski (C) 811 E. Broadway, Gainesville, TX
Blackman, Hubert W. (U) 3750 W. 133rd St., Cleveland, OH
Blackstock, B. B. (C) Austin, TX
Blaine, Joseph A. (U) 1616 Sawtelle Blvd., W. Los Angeles, CA
Blair, John Francis (U) 3414 Evanston Ave., Seattle, WA
Blair, Robert C. (U) 7306 Denker Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Blakeley, James Madison (U) Supply, OK
Blakely, W. P. (C) Grenada, MS
Blakeman, George S. (U) Carlisle, IN
Blakenny, J. M. (C) Taylorsville, MS
Blanchard, Calvin H. (U) 2325 86th Ave., Oakland, CA
Bliss, Jerry C. (U) 1389 Stuart St., Denver, CO
Bloomfield, Harvey A. (U) 221 N. 9th St., Albia, IA
Blount, James M. (C) 1700 Moss St., New Orleans, LA
Bly, Andrew (U) 605 Henry St., Fenton, MI
Boake, James H. (U) 937 Cherokee Rd., Louisville, KY
Boatrite, Robert T. (C) 2826 7th Ave., So., Birmingham, AL
Boats, John A. (U) 27 East Main St., Allegany, NY
Boltz, Gustave J. (U) 4120 Finley St., Gulfport, MS
Bone, David (C) 1230 Hudson St., Denver, CO
Bonner, Moses J. (C) 1626 S. Adams St., Fort Worth, TX
Boober, Albert W. (U) 307 Madison, Box 21, Darlington, IN
Boon, Cyrus Conrad (U) Roseburg, OR
Boone, Homer (U) 517 Gernert Court, Louisville, KY
Booze, George A. (C) c/o Pewee Valley Sanitarium Hospital, Pewee Valley, KY
Bourland, William Elliott (C) Logan, NM
Bowen, Alexander C. (U) Q809 Upper 11th St., Vincennes, IN
Bowen, Samuel P. (C) Box 95, Corning, CA
Bowers, Giles (C) Tenaha, TX
Bowers, Jahiel (U) 1408 Chenning Way, Berkeley, CA
Bowersock, Emmor (U) Balaton, MN
Bown, George Washington (C) 1814 Reuter St., Waco, TX
Bowser, Joshua C. (U) 111 Henderson Rd., Columbus, OH
Boyce, Isaac N. (U) E. Newton St., Versailles, MO
Boyd, Jesse (U) 926 N. Green St., Henderson, KY
Boyer, Cornelius N. (U) R. 7, Bx. 1977, Sacramento, CA
Boyer, Washington A. (U) Fromberg, MT
Boylan, Robert B. (U) 410 Kent St., Lowell, MI
Braden, Gibson R. (U) 126 N. Diamond St., Ravenna, OH
Bradford, J. C. (C) Sweet Home, AR
Brady, Francis E. (C) Oktaha, OK
Brady, William (U) North St., Prospect, OH
Brady, William Wilkins (C) Normangee, TX
Bramble, Goodman W. (U) 111 Muse St., Cambridge, MD
Brammer, Jahile C. (U) 411 W. Clark St., Vermillion, SD
Branch, Elisha R. (U) 173 Springvale Ave., Everett, MA
Brandon, Jacob C. (U) Conoquenessing, PA
Brashear, Walter Q. (U) Box 195, Longton, KS
Braswell, Jacob Green (C) 502 Giles St., Macon, GA
Brazell, John T. (C) 418 4th Ave., Lanett, AL
Brenizer, William H. (U) Limeridge, WI
Bresee, James M. (U) 1221 Charleston St., Mattoon, IL
Brickeel, Thomas (U) 227 Main St., Bar Harbor, ME
Briggs, Joseph (U) 304 Center St., Sikeston, MO
Brister, Edward D. (C) Kilmichael, MS
Bristol, Luther (U) 1810 Magnolia Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Bristol, William Henry (C) Texas Conf. Home, Austin, TX
Broaderick, John W. (C) Covington, OK
Broadus, John (U) 417 Licking St., Falmouth, KY
Brockway, Franklin P. (U) Beach Haven, PA
Brookbank, Thomas W. (U) 247 So. 2nd West St., Salt Lake City, UT
Brooks, R. B. (C) 602 W. 6th St., Topeka, KS
Brounty, Samuel (U) 2207 E. Republican St., Seattle, WA
Brown, Albert J. (U) 282 Franklin St., Framingham, MA
Brown, Allen (U) N. 15th St., Haines City, FL
Brown, Charles Oliver (U) 831 S. Grove Ave., Oak Park, IL
Brown, Francis Monroe (U) 2111 Springfield Blvd., Kansas City, KS
Brown, John T. (C) R. 1, McKenzie, AL
Brown, Rufus G. (U) 26 South Minnequa Ave., Canton, PA
Brown, William J. R. (C) Avans, GA
Brown, William J., Sr. (C) R. 5, Box 50, Statesboro, GA
Browning, Woodson Heard (C) Pecos, TX
Brownley, John D. (U) College Place, WA
Bruch, Joseph (U) 321 Berwick St., Easton, PA
Brumage, Benjamin (U) 12212 Darlington Ave., W. Los Angeles, CA
Brumfield, Perry (U) Waterloo, OH
Brunner, Henry (U) 502 W. Jassamine St., Fitzgerald, GA
Brutin, Martin (U) Grandview, AR
Bryan, Robert T. (U) 1629 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO
Bryant, B. D. (C) Box 77, Pacolet, SC
Bryant, Jerrus M. (U) 326 S. Brown St., Little Rock, AR
Bryant, Willie P. (U) 2936 W. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI
Bryden, Henry M. (U) 825 Coleman St., Marlin, TX
Budd, Joseph Danly (U) 4050 Broadway, Kansas City, MO
Bugg, Charles T. (U) Box 489, Birmingham, AL
Bullington, Richard Edward (C) 283 N. Bellevue, Memphis, TN
Bullock, Adnah D. (U) LaVista PI., Atlantic, IA
Bunton, William Henry (U) Main St., N. Woodstock, NH
Burdick, James William (U) R. 1, Box 168, Granger, IN
Burket, John B. (U) Box 16, Warriors Mark, PA
Burks, Rufus L. (C) Texas Conf. Home, Austin, TX
Burley, George C. (U) 2440 Maplewood Ave., Toledo, OH
Burns, James (U) 8038 West Chester Pike, Highland Park, Upper Darby, PA
Burns, William Henry (U) 28 Alder St., Attleboro, MA
Burr, Charles Martin (U) 511 North Poinsettia Ave., Compton, CA
Burrill, Henry W. (U) 127 Vine St., Hartford, CT
Burroughs, Charles E. (U) 532 Ringgold St., Cincinnati, OH
Bush, Amos J. (U) 230 Vestal Ave., Binghamton, NY
Bush, William Jordan (C) Fitzgerald, GA
Bushong, Joseph T. (U) 507 S. Maple St., Hicksville, OH
Buswell, Stuart David (U) 16 Gould St., Milo, ME
Butler, Lewis H. (U) 502 S. 7th St., Chickasha, OK
Buy, Frederick (U) R. 1, Danville, IL
Byram, Joseph P. (U) Box 83, Martinsville, IL
Byrd, Abraham (C) Texas Conf. Home, Austin, TX
Cadwallader, Nathan A. (U) 5226 Broadway, Indianapolis, IN
Caldwell, Joseph Presley (U) R. 7, Butler, PA
Caldwell, R. S. (U) 133 Koshler St., Pittsburgh, PA
Camp, A. M. (C) San Gabriel, TX
Camp, Martin (U) 407 Polk St., Jefferson, TX
Camp, Seborn Lewis (C) R. 6, Sulphur Springs, TX
Campbell, William Smith (U) Nottingham, PA
Canady, Derious C. (C) Nakina, NC
Cannon, Alfred (C) 309 N. Main St., Childress, TX
Cantwell, William (C) Ada, OK
Cardinal, John H. (U) 1047 S. Sheffield Ave., Indianapolis, IN
Cardwell, Charlie W. (C) RFD, Concord Depot, VA
Carlton, Smith H. (U) 1120 March St., Kalamazoo, MI
Carr, Zachary Taylor (C) 1206 Jernigin St., Commerce, TX
Carrier, William C. (U) R. 2, Grandview, WA
Carroll, Dr. Samuel W. (C) 226 Anita Ave., Orange Island Pk., FL
Carroll, John W. (U) P.O. Box 95, Lisbon, ND
Carson, Ferdinand (U) 252 Crandall Ave., Youngstown, OH
Carter, Stephen R. (U) Stockton, KS
Cass, Josiah E. (U) 323 Gilbert Ave., Eau Claire, WI
Castle, Oliver H. (U) 432 S. Hyland St., Los Angeles, CA
Castle, Thomas A. (U) 140 City Park, Shelby, MT
Castles, John Wesley (C) R. 2, Box 200, Biloxi, MS
Caton, William B. (U) 1702 Millington St., Winfield, KS
Caughman, James Andrew (C) Church St., Leesville, SC
Caulkins, James B. (C) Box 4, Bryant, WA
Centers, Amaziah (U) 930 Grand Ave., Dayton, OH
Chambers, Charles S. (U) Honeoye Falls, NY
Chambers, J. T. (C) Maplesville, AL
Chapman, Derritt (U) Annapolis, IL
Chapman, George H. (U) 12 4th Ave. S.W., Watertown, SD
Chapman, Norman (U) 427 Ash St., Momence, IL
Chapman, Winfield S. (U) 1169 Clay St., Topeka, KS
Chappel, Charles L. (U) 1117 Stanley Ave., Long Beach, CA
Chappell, Augustus F. (U) 1217 23rd St., Detroit, MI
Chappell, William E. (U) 63 S. 20th St., Terre Haute, IN
Chase, Ransford T. (U) 1528 N. Fuller Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Chatley, Homer C. (U) 51 Petrolia St., Bradford, PA
Cheele, Jacob (U) 1420 Pine St., Olympia, WA
Chenning, Lillian M. (C) 131 Lytton Ave., Palo Alto, CA
Chesbrough, William H. (U) 632 Church St., Beloit, WI
Childress, John Riley (C) 40 Rutherford St., Greenville, SC
Chilson, Albert (U) 244 7th St., S.E., Mason City, IA
Chisum, J. G. (C) Ben Hur, AR
Chitwood, Aurelius M. (U) Gen Del., Atoka, OK
Chrisman, W. D. (C) R. 2, Antioch, TN
Christman, William D. (U) Glouster, OH
Christopher, Cleophus Calvin (C) Blue Springs, MS
Chumley, George W. (C) Collinsville, AL
Clark, Adolphus Filmore (C) R. 2, Big Creek, MS
Clark, Cyrus (U) Lock Box 9, Frankfort, IN
Clark, David McKee (U) Mt. Jackson, Mahonington, PA
Clark, Emerson (U) Mahopac, NY
Clark, James (U) 1127 Eugene St., Indianapolis, IN
Clark, John B. (C) Cross, SC
Clark, John Lewis (C) Box 11, Rotan, TX
Clark, Theodore E. (U) 79 Rutland St., Boston, MA
Clark, Thomas (U) Castroville, CA
Clark, William C. (U) 469 10th St., San Bernardino, CA
Clarke, Charles D. (C) Texas Conf. Home, Austin, TX
Clayborne, Alfred L. (C) Box 3, Suquamish, WA
Claypool, John Milton (C) 6600 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO
Clingaman, Daniel (U) R. 3, Wauseon, OH
Cloud, David M. (C) 211 S. Market St., Benton, AR
Clough, Fernando E. (U) Elkfalls, KS
Clouse, Janies Columbus (U) Mountain Grove, MO
Cloviece, Joseph (U) Slidell, LA
Coats, Finley T. (U) 114 Leibor St., Orting, WA
Coburn, George A. (U) 1456 Adams St., Denver, CO
Coch, Silas D. (U) 1518 1/2 Purdue Ave., Sawtelle, CA
Cocke, William Joseph (C) 1544 7th Ave., Huntington, WV
Cockerell, William Henry (C) Eureka, TX
Coffin, Joseph Raymond (U) 207 South 12th Ave., Marshalltown, IA
Coffman, James Madison (U) 377 Algona Ave., Elgin, IL
Colburn, Nathan (U) Champlin, MN
Cole, Augustus (U) Ulster Park, NY
Cole, Caleb (C) Box 92, Powell, TX
Cole, John Andrew (C) 1214 Tennessee St., Paducah, KY
Coleman, Charles Henry (C) R. 4, Appomattox, VA
Coleman, Richard E. (U) 2230 St. Mary’s Ave., Lincoln, NE
Collins, Albert G. (C) Gen. Del., Barnhart, TX
Collins, Cephas H. (U) 1610 E. Worth St., Decatur, IL
Collins, Dr. T. J. (C) R. 4, Box 31, Griffin, GA
Collins, Harmon A. (U) 5625 N. Missouri St., Portland, OR
Collins, Oscar F. (U) High St., Enfield, NH
Collis, R. V. (C) R. 4, Louisburg, NC
Colvin, Robert Mason (C) 250 N. High St., Harrisonburg, VA
Conant, Almaron W. (U) R. 6, Box 23, Santa Rosa, CA
Condo, George W. (U) 3573 Columbia Ave., Cincinnati, OH
Conner, Douswell C. (U) Bedias, TX
Conner, Thomas (C) Box 114, Grand Saline, TX
Conrad, Hiram (U) 179 Selby St., Alliance, OH
Conrad, John (U) 51 E. Prospect St., Alliance, OH
Conrad, Winfield S. (U) R. 1, Huntingdon, PA
Conyers, William H. (U) 5316 Brookville Rch, Indianapolis, IN
Cook, Benjamin Franklin (U) P.O. Box 55, Silver Lake, KS
Cook, John C. (U) R. 1, Moorewood, OK
Cook, William Henry (U) Coats, KS
Cooley, Frank E. (U) 13 Chestnut St., Rensselaer, NY
Coons, Montraville (U) 1400 S. Arno St., Albuquerque, NM
Cooper, Charles N. (U) 429 E. Market St., Sandusky, OH
Cooper, J. W. (C) 269 4th St., Largo, FL
Cooper, William U. (U) Box 53, Skull Valley, AZ
Corbin, Levi Horton (U) 2714 Fernwood St., Dallas, TX
Corlett, Henry (U) 222 N. 6th St., Kingfisher, OK
Cormack, Charles H. (U) Bird City, KS
Corson, Thomas A. (U) 37 Buffum St., Salem, MA
Corwin, Charles W. (U) 1919 E. 11th Ave., Spokane, WA
Corwin, Elmore H. (U) Corner 10th & C Sts., Victorville, CA
Cosgrove, Marvin C. (U) 715 Gay St., Bucyrus, OH
Costello, Simon (U) Hernando Rd., Memphis, TN
Cotes, J. Warren (U) R. 1, Crandall, SD
Cowan, Edward H. (U) 408 S. Grant Ave., Crawfordsville, IN
Cowgill, Stephen P. (U) Glenn Dale, MD
Cowles, Ethan H. (U) 262 West Lincoln St., Salem, OR
Cox, George (C) R. 1, Easley, SC
Cox, John W. (U) Norris City, IL
Cox, Thomas P. (U) Springville, CA
Crafts, Frederick H. (U) 2123 Holly Dr., Hollywood, CA
Crandell, William (U) Gen. Del., Fullerton, CA
Crawford, Thomas E. (U) Frenchton, WV
Crenshaw, Thomas C. (C) 214 Welch Ave., Houston, TX
Crider, Reed (U) Vienna St., Metropolis, IL
Cross, Cyrus E. (U) Mondamin, IA
Crump, Will Dorsey (C) Shallowater, TX
Cullen, John W. (U) 4391 S.W. Cullen Blvd., Glen Cullen, OR
Culpepper, William Henry (C) Conf. Soldiers Home, Atlanta, GA
Cumb, John W. (C) 8304 4th Ave., Birmingham, AL
Cummings, Leander (U) 608 Hollywood St., Tampa, FL
Cunningham, Alonzo (U) Imperial, NE
Cunningham, Emory W. (U) 2423 VanBuren St., Hollywood, FL
Cussins, William T. (U) 137 N. Water St., Decatur, IL
Cutler, Austin (U) 1306 Michigan Ave., LaPort, IN
Daffron, Daniel V. (U) Gen. Del., Forest Grove, OR
Daggett, Lorenzo D. (U) 302 E. Myrtle St., San Antonio, TX
Daker, Thomas F. (U) 814 Market St., St. Joseph, MI
Dale, George F. (U) 1005 N. Owen St., California, MO
Dalton, George W. (U) Enola, AR
Dance, E. Scott (C) W. Chesapeake Ave., Towson, MD
Daniels, Charles H. (U) 1313 Linden Ave., Baltimore, MD
Danielson, Anon O. (U) Box 133, Parkland, WA
Dark, William Edward (C) R. 1, Dodson, LA
Darsey, Edward Hill (C) Grapeland, TX
Daughaday, Frederick (U) R. 1, Bethel, KS
Daves, J. M. (C) Franklin, NC
Davidson, Benjamin F. (U) 4290 Larchwood, Riverside, CA
Davidson, Mordecai (U) 655 So. 55th St., Louisville, KY
Davis, A. G. (C) Birch Tree, MO
Davis, Alban L. (U) Durham, CA
Davis, Andrew J. (U) 327 N. 22nd St., Bethany, MO
Davis, Caleb R. (U) 627 S. Park Ave., Springfield, IL
Davis, Edmund B. (U) 101 N. Woodlawn St., Burlington, IA
Davis, J. Rowan (C) R. 2, Box 169, Salisbury, NC
Davis, Job (U) Hambleton, WV
Davis, John Arnold (C) Box 723, Columbus, TX
Davis, Nesbit McClellan (C) 217 E. Jefferson St., Van Alstyne, TX
Davis, Royal Mack (U) Boelus, NE
Davis, Thomas (U) 5009 Roland Ave., Baltimore, MD
Davis, W. O. (C) 505 S. Denton St., Gainesville, TX
Davis, William P. (C) Lavonia, GA
Dawes, Thomas A. (U) 402 Pleasant St., Elmira, NY
Day, Silas A. (U) Ind. State Soldiers Home, Lafayette, IN
Deal, W. J. (C) Sweet Home, AR
Dellinger, George W. (C) 381 National Ave., Winchester, VA
Demorest, Nelson H. (U) S. Main St., Middlesex, NY
Dervin, James H. (U) 51 Mt. Pleasant St., Lynn, MA
Detrick, Levi E. (U) 1715 S. Evanston St., Tulsa, OK
Detweiler, Joseph S. (U) 2734 Walnut St., Huntington Park, CA
Devaul, William D. (U) 816 N. 2nd St., Yakima, WA
Dexter, John (U) 1121 Blair St., Jackson, MS
Dey, George M. (U) 36 Sea View Ave., Ocean Grove, NJ
Dibele, Alonzo (U) 12099 Mandota St., Detroit, MI
Dickerson, James D. (C) c/o R. H. Dickerson, Windsor, VA
Dickinson, Theodore L. (U) 903 8th St., International Falls, MN
Dickson, David (U) Veterans’ Home P. O., CA
Dillin, Columbus D. (U) Boulevard, CA
Dixon, Alexander (U) London, AR
Dixon, Harrison W. (U) 455 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, CA
Dixon, Henry A. (U) Albany, OH
Dodgen, J. C. (C) Conf. Soldiers Home, Atlanta, GA
Doggett, A. P. (C) Mulberry St., Cornersville, TN
Dolan, James M. (C) So. Star Route, Garden City, KS
Dolan, Patrick (U) c/o Judge H. C. Hoffman, Gdn., City Hall, Youngstown, OH
Doll, Henry (U) 215 Iona Avenue, Narberth, PA
Dolph, John W. (U) 157 E. 64th St., Los Angeles, CA
Dorn, Aaron Whitefield (C) 402 N. Cheney St., East Point, GA
Dornblaser, Thomas F. (U) 942 Belle Plain Ave., Chicago, IL
Dou, Alfred C. (U) Brock St., Kissimmee, FL
Douglass, Edward (U) Dysart, IA
Douts, William (U) 659 W. Orange St., Lancaster, PA
Dow, Albert G. (U) R. 5, Marshall, IL
Dowdy, James (C) R. 1, Seagoville, TX
Dowell, William H. (U) Kahoka, MO
Downey, John F. (U) 1134 Wotkyns Dr., Pasadena, CA
Drain, John (U) 1514 Blondeau St., Keokuk, IA
Drewry, F. S. (C) Williamson, GA
Driscoll, Dennis, Jr. (U) 27 Firth Rd., Roslindale, Boston, MA
Drury, John F. (C) Flomaton, AL
Dubard, W. M. (C) Grenada, MS
Duckwall, George W. (U) 18 Edgewood Apts., Dayton, OH
Duckworth, Charles H. (U) 115 Liberty St., Newtown, PA
Duell, Dallas G. (U) 624 Third St., Devils Lake, ND
Duers, Henry E. (U) 59 Hunter St., Ossining, NY
Dugan, George (U) R. 1, Roxbury, NY
Duke, Charles H. (U) 192 Lake Ave., Hamburg, NY
Dumser, John S. (U) 335 Hanover Ave., Oakland, CA
Duncan, James Samuel (C) R. 9, Tyler, TX
Dunds, Simon (U) 423 E. Benham, Glendive, MT
Dunlap, David (U) Box 83, Milan, TN
Dunlap, John N. (U) Main St., Kingston, OH
Dupuis, Stephen (C) Box 307, Pineville, LA
Durrence, George W. (C) Flagler Beach, FL
Dwight, Henry (U) R. 2, Castalia, OH
Dyke, Logan J. (U) 26 Second Ave., Union City, PA
Early, Joseph S. (U) 258 E. Main St., Hummelstown, PA
Earnest, W. H. (U) 112 Lee St., Seymour, IA
Earsley, Charles N. (U) R. 1, Brooktondale, NY
East, Salathiel (U) 1303 7th Ave. E., Twin Falls, ID
East, Thomas B. (U) 1410 1/2 Lemon Ave., Long Beach, CA
Easterly, Lewis Henry (U) R. 1, Ohio Creek Ranch, Gunnison, CO
Eaton, Irving (U) 325 Division St., Schenectady, NY
Eaton, John T. (U) 11662 Texas Ave., W. Los Angeles, CA
Eddy, Hiram S. (U) 4534 N.E. 84th Ave., Portland, OR
Edmunston, Tuck (C) Washington, GA
Eggleston, Albert E. (U) 6th St., Tuscumbia, AL
Eich, John Frank (U) 25 North Harrison St., York, PA
Eisher, Jackson F. (U) R. 2, Box 283, Shreveport, LA
Eldred, John D. (U) Roanoke, VA
Eldridge, Charles W. (U) 449 1/2 11th Ave., No., St. Petersburg, FL
Elkins, William Franklin (C) Box 1311, 2307 Quincy St., Plainsview, TX
Ellenberger, Abraham (U) Maple Ave., Marysville, PA
Ellicott, Chandler G. (U) R. 3, Medina, NY
Ellingsworth, William (U) Lakeside, WA
Elliott, Irving W. (U) 3921 N. Cramer St., Milwaukee, WI
Elliott, Josiah A. (U) 1217 W. 19th Ave., Spokane, WA
Elliott, Josiah J. (U) 313 West First, Carnegie, OK
Ellis, Andrew Jackson (C) Clayton, NC
Ellis, William Henry (C) Springfield, NE
Emerson, Charles H. (U) Lyme, NH
Emerson, Charles Harris (U) 1549 Congress, Portland, ME
Emerson, Samuel F. (U) 96 East Front, Skowhegan, ME
Ensign, Horace Lysander (U) Pleasant Ridge, Hammond, LA
Enslow, George (U) 414 W. 61st Place, Chicago, IL
Ernest, J. W. (C) R. 1, Woodville, GA
Estabrook, Albert C. (U) 4861 Buchanan Ave., S.W. Grand Rapids, MI
Estep, Haywood (C) Stratford, NC
Estes, Asberry (U) Heidelberg, KY
Estes, Miles J. (C) Bledsoe, TX
Euliss, J. H. (C) Snow Camp, R. 2, Alamance, NC
Eustis, John D. (C) Bertram, TX
Evans, Durgin (U) 11970 Darlington Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Evans, Nathan T. (C) Ovett, MS
Everist, Andrew (U) 624 S. Manila St., Geary, OK
Everly, William H. (U) c/o Virgil A. Brown, Morgantown, WV
Fablinger, Lewis (U) Elizabeth, IL
Fair, John P. (U) 501 High St., Mankato, KS
Fair, Robert James (C) R. 4, Jacksonville, TX
Faith, Winfield S. (U) 78 S. Division St., Battle Creek, MI
Farmer, John Anderson (U) 1619 Colby Ave., W. Los Angeles, CA
Farnham, James E. (U) Glen wood, MN
Farrar, Benjamin King (C) Machen, GA
Farrell, Christopher A. (U) 222 W. 23rd St., New York, NY
Fasnacht, James L. (U) 1029 Ohio Ave., Long Beach, CA
Fassett, Isaiah (U) Branch St., Berlin, MD
Feldner, Samuel F. (U) New Matamoras, OH
Fenstehmacher, Elias (U) 601 3rd Ave., N.E., Brainerd, MN
Fenton, Elbridge Seth (U) 4099 Howe, Oakland, CA
Fercusin, John (U) Iberia, MO
Ferguson, William H. (U) “Green Acres” R. 2, Kent City, MI
Ferry, Nelson (U) 154 Princeton Ave., Dover, NJ
Fetters, William H. (U) Stromsburg, NE
Fike, Henry (U) 822 W. Dominick St., Rome, NY
Finley, Albert (U) P.O. Box 593, Cumberland, WI
Fish, Benjamin D. (U) Webster, SD
Fisher, Warren T. (U) P.O. Box 154, Pasadena, CA
Fitzgerald, J. T. (C) R. 2, Nacogdoches, TX
Fitzpatrick, R. L. (C) Langren Hotel, Asheville, NC
Fitzwater, Thomas Andrew (U) Mountain View, OK
Fleming, Edward (U) 1228 Madison Ave., New York, NY
Fletcher, James Morse (U) 44 Pearl St., Chicopee, MA
Flickinger, Edgar Me (U) Dry Run, PA
Flinn, John J. (U) Admire, KS
Flint, Seth M. (U) Main St., Worcester, NY
Flippen, Don C. (C) Texas Conf. Home, Austin, TX
Flournoy, Daniel Archer (C) R. 2, Box 200, Biloxi, MS
Flowers, James T. (C) P.O. Box 92, Anton, TX
Flummer, Sylvester (U) R. 4, Council Bluffs, IA
Foley, James (U) State Home, Hot Springs, SD
Folks, Thomas Brinson (C) P.O. Bx. 209, W. Anthony Rd., Ocala, FL
Foltz, Andrew J. (U) 703 No. 5th St., Charleston, IL
Fooshe, James D. (C) R. 1, Augusta, GA
Foote, Charles H. (C) P.O. Box 513, Spur, TX
Foote, Corydon E. (U) 928 Garland St., Flint, MI
Ford, John Baymount (U) 305 E. Fellos St., Dixon, IL
Ford, John D. (C) Plain Dealing, LA
Fore, A. M. (C) 805 N. 5th St., Waco, TX
Foster, Adelbert R. (U) Perry, NY
Foster, Clement (U) 5162 San Francisco Ave., St. Louis, MO
Foster, George Lewis (U) 8026 15th Ave., N.W., Seattle, WA
Foster, J. E. (C) R. 2, Marietta, SC
Foster, Wiley Wood (C) R. 4, Cisco, TX
Foster, Zachary (U) Fennville, MI
Fowler, Samuel S. (U) 501 W. Hortter St., Germantown, Phila., PA
Fox, Cyrus (U) North Platte, NE
Fox, George (U) Dexter, MO
Foy, Edward W. (U) 2004 N.E. 17th Ave., Portland, OR
France, Michael (U) 114 S. Ward St., Ottumwa, IA
Franklin, Benjamin (U) McMillon St., Maryville, TN
Frazee, Charles D. (U) 46 Douglas Ave., Yonkers, NY
Frazell, Jacob Hiram (U) 222 No. FI St., Lake Worth, FL
Frazier, William F. (C) 319 S. 20th St., Temple, TX
Freeman, G. W. (C) Arkansas Conf. Home, Sweet Home, AR
Freeman, William DeLancey (U) 5107 W. Charleston St., Seattle, WA
Freeman, William H. (C) 309 North Watumka St., Watumka, OK
French, Frank D. (U) 102 S. Main St., Johnstown, OH
Fry, James (U) Claremont, SD
Frye, Solomon F. (U) Box 195, Illinois St., Farwell, MI
Fuller, Albert G. (U) R. 2, Reading, MI
Fuller, Alfred T. (C) R. 1, Dubach, LA
Fuller, David F. (C) 110 Church St., Grand Prairie, TX
Fuller, James (U) R. 1, Clyde, OH
Fulton, Samuel (U) Chrisman, IL
Gabrio, Alfred Wiles (U) 533 Peace St., Hazleton, PA
Gage, Albert Edward (U) 10 N. La Salle St., Chicago, IL
Gaie, Edward J. (U) 914 29th St., Moline, IL
Gainey, Richard W. T. (U) 411 41st St., Moline, IL
Galbreath, Edwin (U) Gen. Del., Griffin, IN
Gale, Hiram R. (U) 421 Cedar St., Seattle, WA
Gallaher, Newton (U) R. 2, Braymer, MO
Gamewell, J. A. (C) 496 N. Church St., Spartanburg, SC
Gardner, John (U) Morris, MN
Garlick, Joseph (U) R. 1, Box 165, Cumberland, MD
Garner, Cornelius (U) 817 Wide St., Norfolk, VA
Garner, George M. D. (C) Gen. Del., Snyder, TX
Garnett, James Henry (U) 2300 Adams St., Gary, IN
Garrett, Alonzo B. (U) 315 Third Ave., Gallipolis, OH
Garrett, Charlie (U) 218 Carney Ave., Clarksville, TN
Garrett, Michael O. (U) R. 9, Flillsboro, OH
Garrison, John (U) Rogersville, MO
Gaston, Cyrus (U) Glen Elder, KS
Gaston, Joseph (U) 608 East South St., Beloit, KS
Gates, Albert E. (U) R. 1, Box. 79, Fair Oaks, CA
Gatewood, James Madison (U) Crown City, OH
Gatten, John A. (U) Colt, AR
Gay, George A. (U) 17 Spring St., Nashua, NH
Gaylor, William (C) R. 3, Seminole, OK
Gedney, Solomon W. (U) 600 N. Lake St., Carlsbad, NM
Gellette, O. Richard (C) 205 Ct. House Bldg., Shreveport, LA
George, J. W. (C) R. 1, Parkersburg, WV
Gere, Asa Ozias (U) P.O. Box 241, Stafford, KS
Getter, Marcus E. (U) 6530 Olcott St., Tujunga, CA
Ghormley, Michael O. (C) Tahlequah, OK
Gibson, F. M. (C) 2532 Poplar St., Cleveland, TN
Gibson, Joseph S. (C) R. 5, Mebane, NC
Gilbert, Calvin (U) 144 Springs Ave., Gettysburg, PA
Gilbert, Edward (U) Lincoln St., Westfield, PA
Gilbert, Zachariah L. (U) 3938 Interlake Ave., Seattle, WA
Gilbertson, Gilbert (U) 1503 Liberty St., LaCrosse, WI
Gillett, Francis M. (U) 290 Prospect St., Muskegon, MI
Gilley, Stephen (U) 325 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO
Gilliam, Oscar Augustine (C) 1202 S. Ewing St., Dallas, TX
Givens, James M. (C) Penbroke, VA
Glass, E. R. P. (C) 103 W. Ashby PI. , San Antonio, TX
Glenn, J. A. (C) Starkville, MS
Glenn, William Mayberry (U) 416 So. 21st St., Belleville, IL
Golden, Garrett C. (U) 502 13th Ave., Belmar, NJ
Gomillian, Elder (C) Red Bay, FL
Goodrich, Guy (U) 2243 Adrian, Napa, CA
Goodrich, Truman De Harris (U) 624 E. Lake Ave., Ladysmith, WI
Gordon, Charles H. (C) Conf. Home, Ardmore, OK
Gordon, Parker (U) 317 Pacific Ave., Long Beach, CA
Gordon, Rev. George I. (U) 714 N.W. 22nd St., Oklahoma City, OK
Gordon, William Vaughn (U) 213 N. Huttig-Fairmount Sta., Kansas City, MO
Gorham, Z. T. (C) R. 4, Waco, TX
Gott, David H. (U) Norris City, IL
Grace, William J. (U) Woonsocket, SD
Gracy, Christopher C. (U) S. Washington St., Weir, KS
Grady, Lyman C. (U) 339 Court St., Caro, MI
Grady, William D., Sr. (C) R. 1, Middletown, IN
Graham, Richard R. (U) 622 S. Seminary St., Madisonville, KY
Grandy, Charles (U) 609 Smith St., Norfolk, VA
Grant, James M. (C) Beeville, TX
Grant, Thomas (U) 38 W. Simpson St., Tucson, AZ
Grantham, Andrew J. (C) Myra, TX
Grate, John H. (U) Atwater, OH
Grattan, Marvin T. (U) Soldiers’ Home, Rm. 10, Old Peoples Bldg., Marshalltown, IA
Graubarger, Henry M. (U) 104 Dunning Ave., Auburn, NY
Graves, Erastus L. (U) 2054 Larrabee St., Chicago, IL
Graves, Robert E. (C) George Creek, TX
Graves, William Monroe (C) 1200 McLennan Ave., Mart, TX
Gray, Charles (U) 45 E. Livingston Ave., Celoren, NY
Green, Joshua (U) 1008 E. 3rd St., Maysville, KY
Greenwood, Walter (U) 1044 Orange Ave., Youngstown, OH
Griffith, David Alexander (U) 818 N. 8th St., Lafayette, IN
Griggs, M. Y. (C) Conf. Soldiers Home, Atlanta, GA
Grimes, John W. (U) 1044 E. 2nd St., Long Beach, CA
Grimmer, Thomas (U) 1918 N. Vandeventer Ave., St. Louis, MO
Grizzel, George (U) R. 1, Holdenville, OK
Grooms, Benjamin F. (U) 607 W. Jenny St., Bay City, MI
Grossenbacker, Frederick (U) R. 5, Defiance, OH
Groves, James (U) R. 2, Pleasant Hope, MO
Gudgel, John Milton (U) 604 5th Ave., Shenandoah, IA
Gulver, Jacob (U) 1526 E. 59th St., Chicago, IL
Gutzman, Julius C. (U) 845 San Marino Ave., Montebello, CA
Gwaltney, James W. (C) 502 Virginia Ave., Va. Heights, Roanoke, VA
Hadden, Samuel W. (U) Hopkinsville, KY
Hager, Fernandus (U) Midkiff, WV
Hager, Martin H. (U) 3546 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA
Hahn, John J. (U) Mine LaMotte, MO
Haigler, John W. (U) Lenox, IA
Haines, John Columbus (U) 5752 Hogarth St., Detroit, MI
Hall, C. C. (C) Ben Hur, VA
Hall, Turner H. (C) Hugo, OK
Ham, William Jefferson (C) P.O. Box 154, Lovelady, TX
Hamaker, James P. (C) Aledo, TX
Hamel, Barney (U) Greenville Hotel, Greenville, IL
Hamilton, Alfred (U) Prospect Harbor, ME
Hamilton, George (U) Mercer, PA
Hamilton, James Albert (U) 514 N. Walnut St., Lansing, MI
Hamilton, John M. (U) 124 Park Ave., Renton, WA
Hand, Silas, Jr. (U) 207 S. Wright St., Champaign, IL
Handock, James D.2,3 (U) unknown
Haney, Oliver M. (U) 381 Summit Ave., Pasadena, CA
Hankins, H. M. (C) 414 Main St., Monticello, AR
Hankins, R. T. (C) R. 4, Greenbrier, AR
Hansberry, Albert (U) Main Street, Etna, CA
Hanson, Samuel B. (U) 2862 E. Venango St., Philadelphia, PA
Happy, Benjamin (U) Minn. Soldiers Home, Minneapolis, MN
Hard, Albert (U) 652 Genesee Pk. Blvd., Rochester, NY
Hardester, Richard D. (C) Adona, AR
Hardin, Joseph (C) 503 1/2 W. Main, Henryetta, OK
Harkrider, John (U) 6300 Riverside Ave., Bell, CA
Harless, Noadham Bryant (C) 3506 Travis St., Houston, TX
Harman, Newton C. (U) 15 N. Dorcas St., Lewistown, PA
Harnden, John Baker (U) 120 E. 6th Ave., Altoona, PA
Harper, David (U) 504 Salisbury, Montgomery City, MO
Harrell, Thomas Boyd (C) Texas Conf. Home, Austin, TX
Harris, Absalom G. (C) Atlanta St., McDonough, GA
Harris, Daniel (U) 231 Woodbine St., Brooklyn, NY
Harris, Fred (U) 1428 W. Perry St., Helena, AR
Harris, John B. (C) Lancer, KY
Harris, John W. (C) 230 E. 13th St., Oklahoma, OK
Harris, Joseph L. (C) R. 3, Box 158, Weatherford, TX
Harris, Nathaniel A. (U) Philomath, OR
Harris, Thomas B. (C) Ozark, AR
Harris, William Henry (C) Dania, FL
Harrison, John T. (U) 23 Fifth Ave., Danville, IL
Hartley, Daniel Hillery (C) Box 264, Hazlehurst, GA
Hartsell, Morris (C) R. 1, Judsonia, AR
Harvey, C. L. (C) Marmaduke, AR
Harvey, John E. (U) North St., Westfield, PA
Harvey, John W. (C) 1107 S. Osage St., Okmulgee, OK
Haschke, Reinhold (C) 102 E. 17th St., Austin, TX
Hasty, William H. (C) Excel, AL
Hatch, Durant (C) 426 N.E. 12th St., Oklahoma City, OK
Hatcher, L. D. (C) Box 335, Armorel, AR
Havens, John (U) 836 N. Pearl St., Havana, IL
Hawk, Michael (U) 4324 Central St., Sioux City, IA
Hawkins, Andrew Jackson (C) 404 E. Commerce St., Commerce, OK
Hayden, John R. (U) Hopwood, PA
Haynes, Eli L. (U) 382 4th St., Manistee, MI
Haynie, Bertrand (C) Reedville, VA
Hays, John (U) Washington St., Newton, IL
Hays, John W. (U) Brookview, NY
Hazlewood, Robert (U) Harkland, WI
Heath, Martin (U) 1606 N. Grant St., Bay City, MI
Hedrick, James M. (U) Denison, KS
Hefner, Burrell (C) 2115 Eaken St., Dallas, TX
Heilferty, Robert S. (U) 238 W. 106th St., New York, NY
Held, Henry (U) 5507 W. Roger St., West Allis, WI
Heller, Levi (U) 9114 Van Houten Ave., Portland, OR
Helm, Edward (U) 906 W. 9th St., Chester, PA
Helton, John Power (C) Gen. Del., Bonham, TX
Henasy, Mag (U) 609 Mill St., Vicksburg, MS
Henderson, Alford (U) Rich Hill, MO
Henderson, J. L. (C) Pontotoc, MS
Henderson, James (U) 3033 Benton Blvd., Kansa.s City, MO
Henderson, William (U) Shepherd, TN
Hendricks, Samuel E. (U) 896 Edgewater Ave., Ridgefield, NJ
Hendry, Martin B. (U) Freetown, IN
Hendy, William H. (U) 1122 Seton Ave., Cincinnati, OH
Henninger, Joseph B. (U) 310 State House, Indianapolis, IN
Henry, John Vetch (U) Eastlawn, KS
Henry, Joshua (U) Sabetha, KS
Henseey, Zachariah (U) Dixon, MO
Henson, George Washington (U) 3743 Paxton Ave., Cincinnati, OH
Herbert, B. Frank (U) 15 Stanton Place, Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ
Herendon, E. F. (C) R. 3, Adairsville, GA
Herman, Lewis (U) 7926 Sycamore St., New Orleans, LA
Herzberg, Sidney S. (U) 818 Olive St., St. Louis, MO
Hess, Lorenzo D. (U) 102 So. Iuka, Pratt, KS
Hester, Albert F. (C) North St., Beaumont, TX
Heusted, George F. (U) Mayville, MI
Heyer, Charles A. (U) 30 Cliff St., St. Johnsbury, VT
High, Charles B. (U) Yreka, CA
Higley, George D. (U) 27 N.E. 4th St., Miami, FL
Hilburne, Robert (C) R. 1, Shannon, TX
Hill, Ira W. (C) Hill, VA
Hill, Sam H. (C) R. 2, Swansea, SC
Hilliard, E. J. (C) Frostproof, FL
Hillman, Frederick (U) Bryant, WI
Hilsinger, Albertus C. (U) 41 Sanford St., East Orange, NJ
Histon, Lewis M. (U) Main St., Pleasantville, OH
Hite, William (U) 707 Jenny Lynn St., McKeesport, PA
Hix, Charles (C) R. 3, Bx. 12, Lyons, GA
Hoadley, Howard E. (U) 2306 N. 11 St., Phoenix, AZ
Hobbs, Josephus (U) E. 3507 34th Ave., Spokane, WA
Hobson, Wesley Kenny (U) 2645 Endora St., Denver, CO
Hoch, William F. (U) 77 N. Bonnie Ave., Pasadena, CA
Hocking, Frank, Sr. (U) Fairfield, IL
Hodge, Samuel A. (C) RFD, Dames Ferry, GA
Hodge, William Nelson (U) 2252 N. Edward St., Decatur, IL
Hoffman, Henry H. (U) 406 Oak St., Johnstown, PA
Hoffman, Richard Henry (U) 1321 Logan St., Denver, CO
Hogan, Peter Richmond (U) 1530 Clark Ave., Parsons, KS
Hoge, Orlando E. (U) 2400 W. Alhambra Rd., Alhambra, CA
Hoisington, George Henry (U) R. 2, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Holbrook, James S. (U) R. 2, Grewe, VA
Holcomb, William W. (U) 1850 Feronia Ave., St. Paul, MN
Hollands, John B., Sr (U) 58 Van Name Ave., Mariner Harbor, NY
Holley, Giles T. (C) Iredell, TX
Holliday, Daniel Darius (U) 83 Central Ave., Wellsboro, PA
Hollingsworth, Jonathan (U) 2001 E. 87th St., Kansas City, MO
Holloway, Franklin (U) c/o F. C. Keith, Gen. Del., Jackson, MO
Holly, John L. (C) Guntown, MS
Holmes, Elbert (C) 1022 11th St. S.W., Cairo, GA
Holmes, James Allen (C) R. 4, Winona, MS
Holmes, Rev. Richard (U) 709 Holmes Ave., Rockport, IN
Holseter, Christian (U) Lakemills, WI
Hondee, Alfred (U) Panama, NE
Honeycutt, Addin (C) 213 DeVane St., Clinton, NC
Hood, John A. (U) 106 6th St., Wilmette, IL
Hooper, Obediah (C) Burkburnett, TX
Hooper, William (U) 936 Chittenden Ave., Columbus, OH
Hoover, John (U) Sabetha, KS
Hopkins, Nye B. (U) Dallas, IA
Hopper, Henry (U) Box 104, Wyckoff, NJ
Horle, Joseph (U) Woods, WI
Hosier, Jesse D. (U) 230 Edwards St., Marion, OH
Hottel, Jacob K. (U) R. 1, Box 158, Woodstock, VA
Houghton, Edgar (U) 227 College Ave., Elmira Hts., NY
Houp, Robert D. (U) High Bridge, KY
House, Rosen J. (U) 278 Saratoga St., Cohoes, NY
Howard, Charles (U) 713 So. Main St., Brinkley, AR
Howard, George H. (U) 295 Plymouth Ave., Buffalo, NY
Howard, George Washington (U) 2065 Oak St., So. Pasadena, CA
Howell, Julius Franklin (C) 401 Moore St., Bristol, VA
Howell, Stephen M. (C) RFD, Mt. Olive, MS
Hoy, Hugh A. (U) Pacific Grove, CA
Hoy, James Thomas (U) 1080 Gaviota Ave., Long Beach, CA
Hubbard, Uri (U) St. James, MO
Hubbell, Joseph Titus (U) R. 3, Connersville, IN
Hubble, Thomas Jefferson (C) Crawford, GA
Hubert, William (U) 1245 24th St., San Diego, CA
Huddleston, James R. (U) LaHarpe, IL
Hudson, C. F. (C) 1225 4th Ave., Greeley, CO
Huff, Robert W. (U) 235 Lugo Ave., San Bernardino, CA
Huffman, Daniel B. (U) Wheatland, MO
Hull, James A. (U) Barry, IL
Humhle, John LaFayette (U) 525 Rollins St., Missoula, MT
Humphries, Charles F. (C) Gaffney, SC
Hunter, John T. (C) c/o Mrs. J. W. Still, Hogansville Rd., LaGrange, GA
Huntington, George (U) 341 Colorado Place, Long Beach, CA
Hunton, R. Fuller (C) Ditchley, VA
Hurd, Reuben Sherman (U) 310 11th St., Worthington, MN
Hurlburt, Oscar A. (U) 719 4th Ave., Baraboo, WI
Hurlbut, Elmore Lewis (U) State Soldiers’ Home, Hot Springs, SD
Hutchinson, George David (C) Crozet, VA
Hutchinson, John (U) Ava, MO
Hutto, John T. (C) Vaughan St., Bertram, TX
Hux, Thomas A. (C) Tavares, FL
Huyck, John H. (U) 1208 9th St., Hawarden, IA
Hyde, John Stephen (C) 128 Brown St., Anderson, SC
Hyland, Lambert (U) 103 Pond St., Salisbury, MD
Hynson, Joseph, Sr. (U) Rock Hall, MD
Ingles, George W. (U) 412 E. Jefferson St., Marion, IL
Ironmonger, F. M. (C) South Jacksonville, FL
Irwin, John (U) R. 4, Centralia, KS
Isenhour, Daniel (C) R. 2, Tecumseh, OK
Jackaway, William (U) 2621 N. Hutchinson St., Philadelphia, PA
Jackson, Elma Wheaton (U) 201 LaVereda Rd., Pasadena, CA
Jackson, Ferdinand C. (U) 340 N. Salsburg St., W. Lafayette, IN
Jackson, Henry (U) Aikin, MD
Jackson, John H. (C) 1013 Wright St., Sweetwater, TN
Jackson, William H. (U) 4 East 28th St., Hotel Latham, NY
Jacobs, Charles R. (U) Ward 17, Vet. Administration Facility, Sawtelle, CA
James, Edward N. (U) R. 2, North, DeSoto, MO
James, John M. (C) R. 2, Grovetown, GA
James, Thomas Jefferson (C) RFD, Columbia, LA
Jarrett, W. H. (C) 1514 Main St., Little Rock, AR
Jemison, William A. (U) Main St., Morehead, KY
Jenkins, Green V. (C) R. 4, Dublin, GA
Jennette, Charles (U) Old Forge, NY
Jenson, Onen (U) Athens, IL
Jewel, James E. (U) 824 W. Kiowa St., Ft. Morgan, CO
Jewell, Hiram B. (U) 7th St., Peru, NE
Johnson, Andrew Jackson (C) Ethel, MS
Johnson, Asahel Alanson (U) Corwith, IA
Johnson, George W. (U) 2129 Park Ave., Kansas City, MO
Johnson, J. M. (C) 1683 Pelham Rd., N.E., Atlanta, GA
Johnson, James (U) 1132 Salem Ave., Elizabeth, NJ
Johnson, James H., Jr. (U) 111 Locust St., Truman, AR
Johnson, John Louis (C) Foster, OK
Johnson, Mathew (U) 1147 Fayette St., Indianapolis, IN
Johnson, Mitchell (U) Gen. Del., Lebanon, TN
Johnson, Montmorancy (U) Middle-Ridge St., Perry, OH
Johnson, Preston Philetus (C) R. 1, Hendersonville, NC
Johnson, Richard (C) Uvalda, GA
Johnson, Samuel (U) 64 N. Pleasant St., Norwalk, OH
Johnson, Samuel (U) Taloga, OK
Johnson, Walter A. (U) 416 E. Chevy Chase Dr., Glendale, CA
Johnston, Isaac W. (U) Box 142, 116 Jefferson St., New Martinsville, WV
Johnston, Willard P. (U) 214 W. 6th St., Hutchinson, KS
Jones, Albert G. (U) 418 East 5th St., Emmet, ID
Jones, Capers C. (C) 509 90th St., Birmingham, AL
Jones, Elijah (U) 1727 S. 4th St., Springfield, IL
Jones, Frank C. (C) 402 W. 15th St., Ada, OK
Jones, George H. (U) 2 Pleasant St., Oxford, ME
Jones, J. T. (C) Alma, AR
Jones, James (U) 6040 So. May St., Chicago, IL
Jones, James Franklin (U) 305 W. So. St., Oconomowoc, WI
Jones, James Madison (U) R. 1, Shirley, IN
Jones, Seth W. (U) Sanford, CO
Jones, Spencer (U) Federalsburg, MD
Jones, Wade (C) 2302 N. 7th St., Phoenix, AZ
Jordan, Phineas G. (U) 729 Franklin Rd., West Palm Beach, FL
Joslin, Byron W. (U) R. 2, Sidney, OH
Josselyn, Joseph. H., Jr. (U) 131 E. 3rd St., Moorpark, CA
Judiesch, August F. (U) 1012 No. Garfield Ave., Alhambra, CA
Kaley, John Andrew (U) 301 Park Ave., Elyria, OH
Keal, John H. (U) R. 5, Box 176, Ft. Scott, KS
Keesler, James Albert (U) R. 4, Smith Rch, Fort Wayne, IN
Keeten, Thomas N. (C) Glade, KS
Keith, George W. (C) Graceville, FL
Keith, John (U) 7758 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA
Keller, Henry (U) Box 13, Wilson, KS
Kelley, Eli (U) 7325 Race St., Homewood Dist., Pittsburgh, PA
Kelley, William Isham (U) 510 E. Poplar St., Boonville, IN
Kemp, Fernandis B. (U) 1805 Walnut Grove Ave., Decatur, IL
Kemple, Henry C. (U) Bellaire, OH
Kendall, Jerome (U) 61 Grove St., White Plains, NY
Kennedy, Charles (U) 3163 Adams Ave., San Diego, CA
Kennedy, E. T. (C) Baxley, GA
Kennedy, Houston T. (C) Sabinal, TX
Kent, George H. (C) 1214 W. Collin St., Corsicana, TX
Ker, David Corbin (C) Mangham, LA
Kerns, Job M. (U) 408 E. Mt. Vernon St., Somerset, KY
Keyser, John Jefferson (U) 917 W. Cleveland Ave., Spokane, WA
Kibbe, Alonza R. (U) New Richmond, WI
Kidder, Julius (U) 404 Sunset Ave., Rockford, IL
Kiernan, Thomas S. (U) Maple Ave., Mancelona, MI
Killeen, John (U) R. 3, Portland, MI
Killen, Robert (U) R. 1, Lucas, IA
Killough, Robt. L. (C) R. 1, Montevallo, AL
Kimberly, William L. (U) 702 N. Coronado St., Los Angeles, CA
King, Gilliam B. (C) Bethune, SC
Kingsburg, George N. (U) 2111 Ellis Ave., Boise, ID
Kinney, Charles H. (U) Box 104, Raymond, NE
Kint, Israel A. (U) R. 2, McAlisterville, PA
Kinyon, Daniel L. (U) Vernon, MI
Kirby, J. M. (C) Houlka, MS
Kirk, George E. (U) R. 27, Parkersburg, WV
Kirk, Zachary Taylor (U) 1619 Fillmore St., Frankforcl, PA
Kirkham, James P. (U) Box 544, Farmington, MN
Kirkpatrick, David C. (U) 307 Garfield Ave., Pana, IL
Kirkpatrick, Kyus N. (C) 1021 Porter St., Wichita, KS
Kleespies, Edmund (U) R. 2, Rockville, CT
Kline, Charles (U) 201 N. Beaver St., York, PA
Kline, Peter Comstock (U) 205 N. West St., Bellevue, OH
Klinkhart, John (U) R. 1, Canajoharie, NY
Kluttz, W. C. (C) Landis, NC
Knapp, Charles N. (U) c/o Theodore G. Knapp, Gdn. Box 41, Faithorn, MI
Knight, Henry Jasper (C) RFD, Tarrytown, GA
Kohler, John (U) 13 N. 6th St., Pottsville, PA
Kohr, Jacob Westafer (U) 445 N. Russell St., Portland, OR
Kopp, Christian (U) R. 3, Jeffersonville, IN
Krug, George (U) Kingsdale, PA
Lafferty, John (U) R. 2, Box 477, Orchard Dr., Dayton, OH
LaGrange, Charles (U) Potomac, IL
Laing, Roland (U) 947 North 5th St., Reading, PA
Lake, Joseph W. (U) Kennebunk, ME
Lambeth, Samuel (C) R. 2, Clemmons, NC
Lancaster, James Washington (C) Oxford, MS
Lance, James L. (U) Tellico Plains, TN
Land, John (U) 1224 Quarterman St., Waycross, GA
Landford, Edward (U) Greene, NY
Langley, George W. (U) 311 Centre Ave., Merrill, WI
Lankton, Henry L. (U) 490 Main St., Wethersfield, CT
Lara, James (U) 861 10th Ave., No. St. Petersburg, FL
Lauck, Samuel (U) 304 Park St., Willard, OH
Laughlin, Hugh (U) 2708 Carrollton Ave., Indianapolis, IN
Lawhead, Francis M. (U) 1122 S.E. 36th Ave., Portland, OR
Lawson, Claus John (U) Foley, AL
Lawson, George S. (U) Ravenwood, MO
Layton, Francis S. (U) 809 North Main St., Marion, OH
Leach, Beverly Peyton (C) Chula, GA
Leason, John (U) 5328 Marmion Way, Los Angeles, CA
Ledbetter, Leander J. (C) “Glen Echo,” Edneyville, NC
Lee, George, Sr. (U) Higbie, MO
Lee, William S. (U) 4468 Tuttle St., Los Angeles, CA
Leech, George T. (U) 3725 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore, MD
Leftwich, George W. (U) 319 S. Fir Ave., Inglewood, CA
Leicy, Edward (U) Box 614, Randolph, NE
Leighton, William (U) R. 1, Jamestown, KS
Leighty, George (U) Hancock, MD
Leiter, Montraville James (U) 1041 N. Waco, Wichita, KS
Lemley, Bazel (U) Main St., Mt. Morris, PA
Lemon, Crawford T. (C) 1109 Dale Ave., S.E., Roanoke, VA
Lemond, Robert William (C) Hale Center, TX
Lepper, Henry I. (U) R. 1, Orwell, OH
LeValley, Orlando (U) RFD, Caro, MI
Liddell, John H. (U) 3100 Oakford Ave., Baltimore, MD
Lifrage, Vernon (C) Salters, SC
Lillard, John K. (C) 2806 Bryan St., Dallas, TX
Lilley, Richard (U) Anchorage, KY
Lilly, Henderson (C) Middletown, IN
Lilly, Henry (U) 1402 Chili Ave., Cold Water, NY
Lincoln, Cicero Leonidas (C) 714 S. 3rd Ave., Columbus, MS
Lincoln, Edwin Hale (U) 27 Harding St., Pittsfield, MA
Lincoln, Frank A. (U) Verona St., Kissimmee, FL
Lindley, Charles W. (U) Bloomingdale, IN
Ling, George W. (U) Franklin Grove, IL
Linville, William Franklin (U) Mill Grove, MO
Linvingston, William N. (U) 1613 N. Adams St., Peoria, IL
Little, Charles (U) 720 Adams St., Olympia, WA
Little, William H. (U) 134 Broad Ave., N.W., Canton, OH
Lockhart, J. T. (C) Stephenville, TX
Lockwood, George N. (U) 5207 Argus Dr., Los Angeles, CA
Lockwood, Seymour (U) R. 3, Argos, IN
Lockwood, William Perry (U) 681 E. River St., Kankakee, IL
Loesch, Gustavous (U) R. 2, Box 115, Jefferson, MO
Loflin, G. A. (C) Texas Conf. Home, Austin, TX
Loney, Wesley (U) R. 1, Box 56, Woodburn, OR
Long, Charles Rufus (C) Bedias, TX
Loomis, Daniel (U) Jordan, MT
Loop, Martin A. (U) 3525 43rd St., Sacramento, CA
Lord, Frank W. (U) 615 E. N St., Plano, IL
Lore, Warren (U) 622 Merritt St., Charlotte, MI
Lorton, Allen A. (U) White Hall, IL
Lotz, Jacob (U) 42 Grove St., Clifton, NJ
Loveall, Mack C. (U) Onton, KY
Loveless, Taylor (U) Gen. Del., McLean, TX
Lovell, William R. (U) R. 1, Zimmerman, MN
Lower, John C. D. (U) Arendtsville, PA
Lower, William (U) Boliver, MO
Lucier, Gilbert (U) R. 2, North Troy, VT
Ludwick, Lewis P. (U) 332 N. West St., Hillsboro, OH
Lull, Alexis (U) Haddam, KS
Lunnen, James (U) Chatham Center, NY
Luther, J. E. (C) Deep Cap, NC
Lutz, Albert M. (U) 2038 Eleanor Dr., Glendale, CA
Lyon, Taylor C. (U) 11th St., Fayette, ID
Mabry, G. B. (C) R. 3, Hillsville, VA
Macfarland, Allen T. (U) 2226 S. 67th St., Philadelphia, PA
Mack, Henry (U) 535 Emerson Ave., N. Minneapolis, MN
Mack, James W. (C) Lamar, AR
Maddox, David H. (U) Gower, MO
Mahan, Samuel E. (U) 1651 Carroll Ave., St. Paul, MN
Mahanhan, Eli (U) 1529 E. Broadway, Glendale, CA
Malcolm, Albert (U) Mellott, IN
Mallette, Orrin (U) 602 Ditmar St., Oceanside, CA
Malloy, John W. (U) Grant Hall, Ft. Dodge, KS
Malott, John W. (U) 603 So. School, Fayetteville, AR
Manary, James M. (U) Niangua, MO
Mann, John A. (C) 1522 W. Madison St., Phoenix, AZ
Maples, Samuel M. (U) Star Rt. Box 44, Sevierville, TN
Mar. sc, James (U) 260 E. St., Moweague, IL
Marsh, Daniel T. (U) 314 4th St., Irwin, PA
Marsh, Zelora (U) 9 Mitchell St., Hillsboro, NH
Marshall, Gran B. (C) Laurel Fork, VA
Marshall, Joseph Smart (U) R. 1, Karns City, PA
Marshall, Leondes Polk (C) R. 2, Covington, TN
Marshall, Milton (U) Upland, IN
Marston, Charles Levi (U) 164 Main, Yarmouth, ME
Martin, Bernard Banks (U) 1612 E. Monument St., Baltimore, MD
Martin, Cicero C. (C) McCaulley, TX
Martin, James Francis (U) 1432 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Martin, James P. (U) Sutherland, IA
Martin, John M. (U) RFD, Elkville, IL
Martin, Nathaniel Richard (U) Leach, OK
Martin, Paul A. (U) Rison, AR
Martin, Russell C. (U) 1275 Westchester PI., Los Angeles, CA
Massengale, Elisha (C) Marble Falls, AR
Massey, James K. (C) 1709 E, 5th St., Little Rock, AR
Mathews, B. G. (C) Keystone, NE
Mathews, John Calvin (C) San Augustine, TX
Maurer, Henry (U) 35 S. 3rd St., Steelton, PA
May, Eric A. (U) 2424 Roosevelt Ave., Berkeley, CA
Mayberry, Washington B. (U) c/o David H. Gott, Norris City, IL
McAdam, Lucius M. (C) Springfield, CO
McAdams, Robert, Jr. (U) 1133 Greenfield Ave., Pittsburgh, PA
McBee, William J. (C) Spruce Ave., Duncan, OK
McBride, Lewis C. (U) 1711 Harwood St., Lincoln, NE
McCammack, James H. (U) Centerton, IN
McClellan, Dr. Andrew I. (U) 611 Forest Ave., Buffalo, NY
McClelland, Edward (U) 611 W. Jackson St., Muncie, IN
McCloskey, Robert H. (U) 320 E. Euclid Ave., Monmouth, IL
McClure, Allen (U) Veterans Home, CA
McCommons, J. H., Sr. (C) Greensboro, GA
McConnell, James (U) P.O. Box 52, Chico, CA
McConnell, Janies (U) Hesperia, MI
McConnell, John (U) 103 5th St., Lasueur, MN
McConnell, William E. (C) Box 333, Vian, OK
McCoy, Benjamin Franklin (C) 763 Marietta PI. N.W., Atlanta, GA
McCoy, George Witten (U) 238 4th Ave., Chula Vista, CA
McCoy, William H. (U) 114 Washington St., Trenton, NJ
McCracken, Lorenzo F. (U) 243 E. Clay St., Lancaster, PA
McCullough, Christopher C. (U) 515 Harrison St., Ridley Park, PA
McCurdy, M. L. (C) Texas Conf. Home, Austin, TX
McDargh, Charles I. (U) 422 Storms Ave., Urbana, OH
McDonald, Charles A. (U) 207 E. Tamarack Ave., Inglewood, CA
McDonald, Leroy (U) P.O. Box 746, Gillett, AR
McDonough, James P. (U) 1219 W St., Ottumwa, IA
McDonough, John (U) 449 W. Market St., Scranton, PA
McElvain, Corydon (U) 14 1/2 E. Main St., DuQuoin, IL
McEvoy, Francis T. (U) Richardson St., Bethany, WV
McGill, James Henry (U) 1784 Mecca Rd., Columbus, OH
McGrew, James (U) Waco, NE
McGuyer, Thomas Rufus (C) R. 3, Cooper, TX
McKibben, James T. (U) 323 K St., N.E., Ardmore, OK
McKinney, Eli W. (U) 9625 Dearbon Ave., South Gate, CA
Mclntire, Thomas (U) 2 Adams St., Belvidere, NJ
McMillan, Rev. Duncan J. (U) Danville, NJ
McMullen, Bethel (C) 609 Pine St., Clearwater, FL
McMurray, Ebenezer (U) 721 N. Linn St., Iowa City, IA
McMurray, Thompson (U) Washington, WV
McNeely, William (U) 1012 Malvern Ave., Hot Springs, AR
McPeeters, Harvey Taylor (C) P.O. Box 212, Winters, TX
McRae, C. C. (C) Valdosta, GA
McVey, Franklin (U) R. 2, Boston, GA
McWade, Frederick J. (U) 4403 Holmsburg St., Philadelphia, PA
McWhorter, Richard H. (U) 107 W. North St., Coffeyville, KS
Meacham, Chauncey (U) 832 D St., Springfield, OR
Mead, John P. (U) Printer, KY
Meadors, Rufus (C) Oxford, GA
Meadows, George W. (U) P.O. Box 51, Arcadia, TX
Meadows, Ransom (C) St. Clair, AL
Meadows, William M. (U) Castleton, IN
Means, Thomas D. (U) 1704 Madison Ave., San Diego, CA
Medley, Richard (U) St. Inigoes, MD
Meek, Benjamin Franklin (U) Maysville, MO
Melton, Joshua Patterson (C) R. 1, Box 464, Richmond, VA
Mengoz, Francis (U) Hotel Allen, Main & Front Sts., Medford, OR
Mennet, Overton H. (U) 4903 Rosewood Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Merkel, William Henry (U) 315 Avon Rd., Upper Darby, PA
Merrick, Charles E. (U) 717 N. Wilton PL, Los Angeles, CA
Merritt, E. W. (C) R. 3, Gainesville, GA
Messer, William (U) 220 Walnut St., Trinidad, CO
Methvin, John J. (C) 709 W. Alabama St., Anadarko, OK
Metzger, Theodore (U) R. 4, Box 80, Niles, MI
Meyer, John, Sr. (U) Addieville, IL
Meyers, Jefferson (U) Box 375, Fullerton, NE
Mibry, William P. (U) Tremont City, OH
Micarty, Dennis (U) 735 Dennett Ave., Fresno, CA
Miles, Robert E. (C) Shawsville, VA
Miles, William J. (U) 810 E. Elm St., Springfield, MO
Millen, Allen (U) Republic, KS
Miller, Albert (U) 417 E. Seaside Blvd., Long Beach, CA
Miller, Algernon S. (U) 13 6th St., Bangor, ME
Miller, Edward J. (U) 1122 Calhoun St., Chillicothe, MO
Miller, Ensign (U) 1406 N. 5th St., Petersburg, FL
Miller, George F. (C) Box 494, Carmen, OK
Miller, George P. (U) 6512 Curtis PI., St. Louis, MO
Miller, James (U) Division St., Forestport, NY
Miller, Jeremiah (U) 1109 Largent St., Harrisburg, IL
Miller, John L. (U) 33 S. 5th St., Sunbury, PA
Miller, John W. (U) R. 1, Osseo, WI
Miller, Lafayette (U) 648 Spring St., Grand Ledge, MI
Miller, Levi F. (U) 621 E. Queen, Inglewood, CA
Miller, Richard Cantwell (U) 3466 W. 25th St., Cleveland, OH
Miller, William F. (U) 212 McDonnel St., Peterborough, Canada
Mills, Joseph (U) 903 Maynard Drive, Marion, OH
Mills, Madison M. (U) Main St., Bellmont, IL
Mingay, Henry Mark (U) R. 1, Box 48, 6847 Eoothill Blvd., Tujunga, CA
Mitchell, John (U) Y.M.C.A. Summer St., North Adams, MA
Mizer, Simon P. (U) R. 1, Stone Creek, OH
Moad, William T. (U) 1316 Ingersoll, Sac City, IA
Mock, William Asberry (U) 110 So. L & G, Anthony, KS
Moffett, Joseph Francis (C) 716 Travis St., Luling, TX
Mohler, Rubpert (C) RFD, Grottoes, VA
Mohler, William H. (U) 107 E. Keller St., Mechanicsburg, PA
Moist, David S. (U) 802 N. Howard St. Union City, IN
Monroe, David A. (U) Bayheld St., Washburn, WI
Montgomery, Henry C. (U) 11E. Harrison St., Casey, IL
Montgomery, William H. (U) 1720 Scranton St., So. St. Petersburg, FL
Moody, David (U) 357 Mound St., Dayton, OH
Mooker, Jacob (U) 556 W. Chicago St., Valparaiso, IN
Moore, James Knox (C) 515 Lewis Ave., Shelbyville, TN
Moore, Joseph (C) 502 7th Ave., St. Albans, WV
Moore, LaFayette (C) R. 3, Mt. Vernon, TX
Moore, Mitchell Anderson (C) Colony, KS
Moore, William W. (U) 51 Fair St., Nunda, NY
Moreau, August (U) Creve Coeur, MO
Morgan, Eugene Victor (U) Box 333, Ponchatoula, LA
Morgan, George L. (U) 1361 Somerset Rd., Gross Pointe Park, MI
Morgan, Joseph (U) Box 182, R. 2, 708 S. Division St., Sapulpa, OK
Morgan, Marion (U) 803 Kansas City St., Rapid City, SD
Morris, Edwin (U) 356 Walnut St., Elmira, NY
Morris, Frank S. (U) 117 South St., Chardon, OH
Morris, James (C) 430 So. Garder St., Marion, NC
Morris, James W. (U) 919 W. 7th St., Plopkinsville, KY
Morris, Thomas Jesse (C) New Albany, MS
Morrison, John A. (U) 1090 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, NY
Morrow, William (U) 442 Charles St., St. Paul, MN
Morse, Mark (U) Wyoming, IA
Morton, William H. (U) R. 4 ,Georgetown, IN
Moseley, John Evan (U) 202 E. Maple St., Stillwater, OK
Moses, Charles T. (U) 1106 W. 94th St., Los Angeles, CA
Mosher, Sylvester D. (U) Holly, MI
Mosley, George W. (U) 212 Park Ave., Lawton, OK
Mowry, Oliver B. (U) Mexico, NY
Mullennix, J. W. (C) Denton St., Weatherford, TX
Mullinix, Francis Lincoln (U) 61 S. Church St., Westminster, MD
Mullinix, John Osborne (C) 1117 Glenmvood Ave., Atlanta, GA
Munday, Rev. Benjamin (U) Chestnut Ave., Berlin, NJ
Munhall, Cornelius S. (U) Woolworth Apts., Kearney, NE
Munsell, Frank (U) 3834 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, IL
Murch, John Maunder (C) 1428 Ave., K, Galveston, TX
Murphy, John (C) 1700 Moss St., New Orleans, LA
Murray, James W. (U) 509 E. Wea, Paola, KS
Musser, John B. (U) 5142 Larchwood Ave., Philadelphia, PA
Myers, Joseph L. (U) 1005 Francisco Ave., Mission, TX
Myers, Martin Luther (U) 252 W. Main St., Everett, PA
Myers, Milton H. (U) 918 Crescent Ave., Park Ridge, IL
Myers, Noah (U) Columbus, OH
Naeker, Edward (U) 669 First Ave., N. St. Petersburg, FL
Nail, Levi (U) c/o Hotel DuBois, DuBois, PA
Nash, Burl (C) Roff, OK
Neddo, Frank (U) 540 Broadway, San Marcos, CA
Needles, William (U) 125 E. Harding Rd., Springfield, OH
Nelson, Alfred A. (U) Springcrton, IL
Nelson, Fayette (U) 515 N. Wilson, Pasadena, CA
Nelson, George H. (U) 183 Railroad St., St. Johnsbury, VT
Nettles, Henry Mark (C) Gen. Del., Trenton, FL
Neuber, Charles F. (U) 7 Hilton PI., Hempstead, NY
Neuman, Jacob J. (U) 1063 16th St., Des Moines, IA
Newlin, Alfred L. (C) R. 2, Graham, NC
Newsom, John B. (C) 108 Hamlet St., Henderson, TN
Nichols, John W. (U) 5849 Clement Ave., St. Louis, MO
Nichols, Orlando (U) 15 Ridgewood Ave., Yonkers, NY
Nichols, T. L. (C) Senatobia, MS
Nix, I. R. (C) Deatsville, AL
Nixon, William W. (U) Jewell, KS
Noll, Thomas J. (U) 917 9th Ave., Grinnell, IA
Norris, Frank M. (U) Knappa, OR
Northern, Walter B. (U) 4088 3rd Ave., San Diego, CA
Norton, Albert J. (U) R. 5, Wooster, OH
Nowels, James J. (U) 414 Bridge St., Chippewra Falls, WI
Null, Daniel R. (U) 2, Cogan Sta., PA
Nunn, Elbert (U) Montezuma Ave., Cortez, CO
Nuzum, Nimshi (U) 300 Hamilton St., Fairmont, WV
O’Brien, Francis Burke (U) Box 555, Pierre, SD
O’Neill, Augustus (U) 1421 Duchess Ave., Hollyburn, Canada
O’Rielly, Francis J. (U) Saville St., Cambridge, MA
Oakes, Scott (U) 445 N. Chestnut St., Butler, PA
Oakley, William Byley (C) P.O. Box 96, Woodville, TX
Odom, Bennett W. (C) Adrian, GA
Ohmart, George W. (U) 110 W. 4th St., Augusta, KS
Olmsted, George L. (U) 4502 15th Ave., So. St. Petersburg, FL
Oman, Emanuel (U) R. 2, Ft. Scott, KS
Ormiston, Alexander (U) 1122 DeGroff St., Ft. Wayne, IN
Orr, DeWitt Clinton (U) 907 Sixth Ave., Middletown, OH
Osborn, George (U) 412 Potter Ave., Lansing, MI
Osborn, William Henry (U) 2201 Pennsylvania Ave., Joplin, MO
Osborne, David L. (U) 36 S. Ritter Ave., Indianapolis, IN
Ostrander, Egbert D. (U) 29 Welch Ave., Bradford, PA
Ostrander, Walter (U) R. 1, Port Allegany, PA
Outlaw, Jordan, Alexander (C) R. 2, Lyons, GA
Overhalser, Jeremiah (U) 304 N. Madriver, Bellefontaine, OH
Overholser, Joseph B. (U) 368 Wise. Ave., Long Beach, CA
Owen, Augustus (U) 220 New St., Dover, DE
Owen, Eugene (U) Grand Rapids, MI
Owens, William M. (C) Pavo, GA
Oxx, Warren William (U) 107 Howell St., Bath, NY
Page, Dudley L. (U) 427 Andover St., Lowell, MA
Page, Erastus Harrison (U) 4508 Fowler St., Omaha, NE
Paine, Charles Dyer (U) W. Main St., Dover-Foxcroft, ME
Palmer, Henry A. (C) R. 1, Ashville, AL
Paris, John C. (C) R. 3, Kenton, TN
Park, Charles A. (U) Meridian, OK
Park, James (U) R. 1, Rt. 62, Canfield, OH
Park, John Melvin (U) Coopersville, MI
Parker, Samuel Joshua (C) Celina, TX
Parker, William Porter (U) Lake Odessa, MI
Parshall, Zachary T. (U) 1616 Sawtelle Blvd., W. Los Angeles, CA
Parsons, George R. (U) Corner Jackson & Wabash Ave., Nappane, IN
Parsons, Henry S. (C) 701 Woodlawn Ave., Dallas, TX
Pasco, William C. (U) Veterans Home, CA
Patten, Mark (U) 1103 W. Broadway St., Kokomo, IN
Patterson, Dr. Newell (U) 1317 Pennsylvania Ave., E. St. Louis, IL
Patterson, George M. (U) R. 6, Newark, OH
Patterson, Sylvester (U) 201 N. 11th St., Tonkawa, OK
Patton, Milligan (U) R. 1, Paradise, CA
Paul, James Robert (C) c/o J. Lester Wolfe, Charlotte, NC
Payne, Nelson F. (U) 1021 Florida St., Apt. B, Los Angeles, CA
Peck, Charles T. (U) 34 Court St., Rochester, NY
Peckham, Dr. Henry C. (U) Lock Box 325, Freeport, MI
Pence, Eli (U) R. 1, St. Paris, OH
Pendleton, William Cecil (C) 413 1/2 Frederick St., Bluefield, WV
Penland, Theodore Augustus (U) 1616 S.W. 4th Ave., Portland, OR
Pennell, William J. (U) 744 N W 23 Court, Miami, FL
Penny, David (U) 2319 10th Ave., Beaver Falls, PA
Pentz, William J. (U) 121 11th St. N.E., Cedar Rapids, IA
Perdue, David Blackshire (C) 512 E. 7th St., Cisco, TX
Perkins, James K. (U) Lake Preston, SD
Perrigo, Cyrus (U) R. 2, Vassar, MI
Perry, Charles H. (U) 4550 Dupont Ave., S. Minneapolis, MN
Perry, David (U) 226 N. Main St., Hicksville, OH
Pershing, Daniel (U) Ogallah, KS
Persley, Henry (U) 1322 E. 93rd St., Cleveland, OH
Peterson, August (U) Box 266, Stanton, IA
Peterson, George W. (U) Lock Box 11, Towanda, IL
Peterson, Nathan Orlando (U) New Raymer, CO
Petty, James (U) 133 N. 18th St., Richmond, IN
Pfiester, Frederick (U) 320 Straight St., Cincinnati, OH
Phelps, William H. (U) 1210 15th Ave., N., Seattle, WA
Phenicie, Samuel C. (U) Almena, KS
Philips, Joseph (U) 4027 W. Brandon, Seattle, WA
Phillips, Edgar Willard (U) 110 East Dewey, Wichita, KS
Phillips, Ephraim (U) 4129 Illinois Ave., N.W., DC
Phillips, Francis Marvin (U) 42 Smith Ave., Celoron, NY
Phillips, William Orrin (U) R. 1, Box 197, 1604 Arlington Ave., Reno, NV
Phillips, William Riley (C) Crescent City, FL
Phinney, Prince A. (U) 1188 Boylston St., Brookline, MA
Pickens, Robert W. (C) R. 4, Easley, SC
Pickett, Horace G. (U) Akron, CO
Pierce, Orrin Smith (U) 3149 Lyndale Ave., South Minneapolis, MN
Pipkin, John Calvin (C) 1714 4th Ave., Canyon, TX
Pitkin, Theodore Spencer (U)4 111 E. Sugar St., Mt. Vernon, OH
Pitt, Frederick G. (U) 712 Maxwell St., Orlando, FL
Pittenger, William (U) Decatur, OH
Pitts, Frederick (U) 149 W. Henrietta St., Baltimore, MD
Plowman, David C. (U) R. 2, Box 232, Turtle Creek, PA
Plumadore, David (U) 9105 W. Lafayette Ave. Blvd., Detroit, MI
Plummer, Silas (U) R. 2, Box 264, Portage, Wilmore, PA
Pobst, Robert M. (U) 64th S.W. Morrison St., Portland, OR
Pokett, Sylvester (U) R. 2, Dunlap, IA
Ponder, John Lewis (C) 931 East Palmetto St., Lakeland, FL
Porritt, Nelson (U) 23555 Carleton W. Rd., Belleville, MI
Porter, James Chapman (U) 275 Fayette St., Wallaston, Quincy, MA
Porter, John William (C) 2022 Linden Ave., Memphis, TN
Portz, John, Sr. (U) 123 N. County Line St., Fostoria, OH
Potete, Andrew (U) 5407 E. 36th St., Kansas City, MO
Potter, Daniel R. (U) Judsonia, AR
Powell, Frank (C) 1700 Moss St., New Orleans, LA
Powers, Joseph (U) 209 W. 5th St., Newberg, OR
Presley, R. F. (C) 5907 Richmond St., Dallas, TX
Preston, Lyman W. (U) 1306 Hamilton, Mena, AR
Prevatt, F. A. (C) R. 2, Lumberton, NC
Prewit, John W. (C) Pecos, TX
Price, Alexander (U) E. Prospect, Fayetteville, AR
Price, Daniel Thomas (U) 706 W. 1st St., Marion, IN
Price, Sylvester B. (U) Hollis, KS
Pridmore, Charles H. (U) 2410 E. 7th Ave., Denver, CO
Priebe, Adolph (U) 58 Ashland Ave., Oshkosh, WI
Pritchett, J. B. (C) 434 Harvard Ave., N., Seattle, WA
Pruett, Elisha- (C) 601 Main St., Macon, GA
Pryor, W. H. (C) East Lake, VA
Puckett, W. W. (C) Buda, TX
Pugh, William Howard (C) R. 1, Afton, VA
Putnam, Charles H. (U) Enfield, NH
Pyle, Joseph A. (U) 107 6th St., Bridgeport, OH
Quaco, Samuel M. (U) R. 1, Lafayette, IN
Quigley, James (U) Box 210, Atlas Way, Napa, CA
Quigley, James (U) 7923 Harvard Ave., Chicago, IL
Quillion, Joseph (C) R. 1, Whitener, AR
Quin, Cornelius D. (U) 114 E. 20th St., Lorain, OH
Quint, Louis E. (U) Minn. Soldiers Home, Minneapolis, MN
Rager, Charles D. (U) Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, PA
Raichart, Daniel (U) 3044 So. Elati St., Englewood, CO
Rains, Thomas R. (C) Dallas, TX
Ralzer, Matthias (U) 135 Church St., Ephrata, PA
Ramsey, Reuben S. (U) Monticello, KY
Randall, Edwin D. (U) 1025 Donovan St., Seattle, WA
Randall, John (U) Bradford, NY
Randall, Timothy R. (U) R. 3, Box 5, Kent, WA
Ransone, Robert Wyatt (C) Box 507, Stamford, TX
Ratledge, Moses (U) 213 W. 3rd St., Cherokee, OK
Ray, Albert (U) Hinton, OK
Ray, George T. (C) Conf. Home, Higginsville, MO
Ray, John S. (U) Redcross, LA
Ray, Samuel (U) R. 2, Portland, IN
Reade, W. F. (C) Timberlake, NC
Reahm, Charles (U) Flat Rock, OH
Reams, Daniel (U) 1729 12th Ave., Seattle, WA
Reaves, James R. (C) R. 2, Latta, SC
Red, B. F. (C) Arkansas Conf. Home, Sweet Home, AR
Reece, Richard (U) R. 2, Deshler, OH
Reed, Charles Case (U) c/o Gila Meat Co., Glove, AZ
Reed, David (U) 305 Clarion St., Oil City, PA
Reed, John M. (U) 225 N. Pine St., Lima, OH
Reed, Lewis (U) 721 South Ledford St., Harrisburg, IL
Reed, Rustan O. (U) 122 Harvard Ave., No., Seattle, WA
Reed, William T. (C) Alderson, WV
Reedy, William H. (U) 1062 S. Corona St., Denver, CO
Reeves, Columbus (U) R. 6, Bloomington, IN
Reeves, Robert Burke (C) 505 W. Main St., Tliomaston, GA
Reger, Thomas (U) R. 1, Box 117, Cherrytree, PA
Regli, Balthasar (U) 1409 Omaha St., Eau Claire, WI
Reherd, James E. (C) R. 3, Harrisonburg, VA
Reich, Joshua Tetuhmer (C) R. 2, Mineola, TX
Reid, David S. (C) R. 1, Winston-Salem, NC
Reid, William A. (C) 23 So. Warren St., Monticello, GA
Renard, Charles H. (U) 141 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA
Reser, Washington F. (U) Preston, MO
Rexroad, Adam F. (U) 2012 California St., Omaha, NE
Reynolds, Dr. W. E. (C) 221 W. 13th St., Hopkinsville, KY
Reynolds, George E. (U) 407 Summit Ave., Schenectady, NY
Reynolds, John B. (U) 123 Chapman St., Zanesville, OH
Reynolds, Walter S. (U) 1420 S. J St., Elwood, IN
Rezzer, Charles W. (U) Radnor Ave., Ithan, PA
Rhoads, Charles B. (U) 2346 Derry St., Harrisburg, PA
Rhodes, D. H. (C) Toms Brook, VA
Rhodes, Samuel S. (U) 2125 N. Alabama St., Indianapolis, IN
Rice, Leander (U) Elwood Hotel, Robbinsdale, MN
Rice, Thomas (U) Orleans, IN
Rich, Lewis (U) 303 W. Spring Ave., Naperville, IL
Richards, John E. (C) Troy, MO
Richards, William (U) P.O. Box 302, Cedarvale, KS
Richburg, H. A. (C) Box 197, Winnsboro, TX
Riddle, John M. (C) 3643 6th Ave., San Diego, CA
Riddle, Thomas Evens (C) N. Broadway St., Gen. Del., Wichita Falls, TX
Ridenour, Thomas (U) 506 Thomas St., Crestline, OH
Ridge, Joseph W. (U) 113 S.E. 61st Ave., Portland, OR
Rieb, Louis F. (U) 118 East Ohio St., North Side, Pittsburgh, PA
Rigdon, James T. (U) Tebbets, MO
Riggan, Charles (C) Vaughan, NC
Riggle, Absalom (U) R. 1, Kelly Station, PA
Riley, James (U) R. 3, Box 4, Chandler, OK
Riley, John (U) 4839 Chestnut St., New Orleans, LA
Rinebolt, Jacob (U) 713 Walbridge Ave., Toledo, OH
Ripley, Horace (U) 711 S. Cedar St., Nevada, MO
Rittenhouse, William (U) 529 Vine St., Ashland, OH
Ritter, William (U) 152 W. Queen Lane, Germantown, Phila., PA
Roberts, Cornelius B. (U) Soldiers’ Home, Hot Springs, SD
Roberts, George (U) St. Joseph, LA
Roberts, John (U) Box 5, Athens, AL
Robertson, C. A. (C) R. 4, Box 50, Laurel, MS
Robertson, Nathaniel (C) R. 3, Dillwyn, VA
Robertson, R. L. (C) Camp Nichells, Soldiers Home of La., New Orleans, LA
Robins, George B. (U) 116-43 126th St., So. Ozone Park, NY
Robinson, Benjamin McCain (C) 402 E. Jackson St., Orange, FL
Robinson, George H. (U) 1417 W. 6th St., Muncie, IN
Robinson, Peter (U) 568 Lincoln St., Wynne, AR
Robinson, Reuben (U) 816 W. Elm St., Norristown, PA
Rockafellow, Theodore (U) R. 6, Connersville, IN
Rodgers, John B. (U) 842 Franklin Ave., New Castle, PA
Roe, John A. (U) 94 Beverly Heights, Rochester, NY
Rogers, George W. (U) 116 N. Front St., Thorntown, IN
Rogers, Henry (U) 1739 Euclid St., Santa Monica, CA
Rogers, John (C) R. 2, Claxton, GA
Rogers, Noah (U) 1412 Openwood St., Vicksburg, MS
Rogers, William Sumpter (C) Texas Conf. Home, Austin, TX
Rohm, Robert L. (U) My ton, UT
Rose, Charles J. (U) 1837 S.W. 23 Terrace, Miami, FL
Rose, Christopher (U) Sullivan, MO
Roth, Henry (U) Warsaw, IL
Rouse, Henry (U) DeWitt, MI
Rousseau, Julius D. (C) 202 E. 52nd St., Savannah, GA
Rowland, Mack (C) Arkansas Conf. Home, Sweet Home, AR
Rownd, Robert McKee (U) 99 Main, Ripley, NY
Rowz, Nelson E. (U) 53 Thorpe St., Binghamton, NY
Royster, Aaron R. (U) 725 N. Tremont, Indianapolis, IN
Ruble, Jacob (U) West Alexander, PA
Rudolph, George I. (U) 1907 Morrell St., Pittsburgh, PA
Ruhe, C. H. William (U) 1223 La Clair Ave., Swissvale Br., PA
Rush, Jacob (U) 343 So. Cambridge St., Orange, CA
Russell, Richard Henry (U) 5738 3rd Ave., Detroit, MI
Russell, William C. (U) 1122 Delaware Ave., St. Cloud, FL
Ryan, Isaiah A. (U) 215 N. Broad St., Elkhorn, WI
Sage, Charles W. (U) Marienville, PA
Sailing, John (C) Slant, VA
Salsburg, John M. (U) Glenfield, NY
Sammons, John R. (C) Loring, MT
Samuels, Thomas (U) 402 So. Ashby St., Chanute, KS
Sanchez, Lorenzo R. (U) Box 436, Portola, CA
Sanders, Andrew Coleman (C) Edison, GA
Sanguinetti, Paul M. (C) 104 N. Ripley St., Montgomery, AL
Sankey, James Power (U) 214 Noble Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, PA
Savage, B. M. (C) Rutherford, TN
Savage, Frank J. (U) 5 Newhall, Fairfield, ME
Sawtelle, John B. (U) Meadow Brook Farm, Oakland, ME
Sawyer, Elbert H. (U) R. 2, Box 47, Minco, OK
Sawyer, William R. (U) St. Paul Park, MN
Scarce, H. J. (C) R. 3, Dry Fork, VA
Scarlett, Charles E. (U) Fairfax, MO
Schmidgall, Fred (U) 532 Murphy St., Murphysboro, IL
Schmucker, William B. (U) 18 B St., N.W., Miami, OK
Schreiner, George (U) R. 2, Abilene, KS
Schreiner, Peter, Sr. (U) 215 Hamilton St., Crawfordsville, IN
Schwin, John B. (U) 825 N. 5th St., Covington, IN
Scott, Robert Powell (C) 2735 Lawrence St., Dallas, TX
Scrivner, V. H. (U) Gallatin, MO
Scruggs, Burrell (U) 313 Townsend St., Huntsville, AL
Seagraves, Seborn Taylor (C) Jennings, LA
Seale, W. M. (C) E. 3rd St., Brady, TX
Sealock, John F. (U) Fairground Rd., Caldwell, OH
Sebastian, William F. (U) Marietta, PA
Seberg, John (U) Upland, NE
Sedgewick, James (U) 935 E. Yosemite Ave., Madera, CA
Sedgwick, Leroy Cyrus (U) 627 W. Hanover St., Martins Ferry, OH
See, Dallas M. (U) Queen Anne, MD
Seeber, Charles (U) RFD, St. Cloud, FL
Seely, Harmon (U) 334 S. Elm St., Centralia, IL
Seger, Joseph A. (U) 67 Larkin St., Bangor, ME
Seigler, D. W. (C) 1415 Confederate Ave., Columbia, SC
Seitz, George (U) 4227 Halldale Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Sercombe, Orville (U) 1504 N. Michigan Ave., Saginaw, MI
Severance, Edson J. (U) 2336 18th St., A, Moline, IL
Shackelford, Charles J. (C) c/o R. C. Ardinger, Nelson, MO
Shaddock, Seranus (U) 86 John St., Corning, NY
Shaeffer, Charles Abert (C) 618 W. 7th St., Sedalia, MO
Shafer, Austin C. (U) 1801 S. Kingsley Dr., Los Angeles, CA
Shaffer, Samuel (U) Skippack, PA
Shannon, Thomas M. (U) 1036 W. 10th St., San Bernardino, CA
Sharp, Alexander (C) Dillwyn, VA
Sharp, Christian L. (U) 133 Washington Ave., Williamstown, NJ
Sharp, Isaac W. (U) Ft. Wayne St., Warsaw, IN
Shaw, Hiram H. (U) R. 2, Kissimmee, FL
Shearer, John (U) 205 Payne St., Houston, TX
Sheerin, Thaddeus S. (U) 124 E. No. Water St., Neenah, WI
Sheets, Charles (U) 204 N. Washington St., Delphi, IN
Sheffer, David A. (C) Conf. Home, Higginsville, MO
Sheffer, Francis M. (U) 13 West Ave., Wellsboro, PA
Sheffield, Frierson (C) Calhoun City, MS
Shelly, Thomas C. (U) 4135 54th St., San Diego, CA
Shelton, William V. (U) 311 West Kerr St., Centralia, IL
Shepard, Albert (C) Oakley, ID
Shepherd, John (C) Box 412, Elk City, OK
Shepherd, William G. (U) R. 4, Bloomfield, IN
Sherbondy, Charles (U) 73 Wise St., Akron, OH
Sherman, Brant C. (U) 6 Rubin Ave., Binghamton, NY
Sherwood, Homer I. (U) RED, Milan, MI
Shiflet, Robert H. (U) 1054 E. 3rd St., Long Beach, CA
Shipman, William H. (U) 150 12-105th St., Ozone Park, NY
Shockley, Thomas A. (C) Crabtree Addition, Block 11, Lot 1, Henryetta, OK
Shonce, Emery (U) R. 1, Hubbard, OH
Shrekengost, Levi (U) Putneyville, PA
Shreve, George William (C) 93 Locust St., Santa Cruz, CA
Shrout, Taylor (U) Green Spring, WV
Shultz, Henry (U) 651 Wallace St., York, PA
Shumate, Hiram H. (U) Riverton, IL
Sibert, James (U) Crosby, PA
Sickles, William H. (U) 209 Leiber St., Orting, WA
Simmons, Sampson (C) 7008 Seville Ave., Huntington Park, CA
Sims, John (C) P.O. Box 553, Kountze, TX
Sines, John (U) R. 1, Oakland, MD
Singleton, William Henry (U) 207 Dixwell Ave., New Haven, CT
Sipe, Henry (U) 328 Third Ave., Derry, PA
Sitton, Robert B. (C) Horse Shoe, NC
Sizemore, Thomas J. (U) Prestonsburg, KY
Skeels, Irvin R. (U) 5113 Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA
Skeens, Henry S. (C) Narrows, VA
Slane, Jacob A. (U) 13629 Weidner Ave., Pacoima, CA
Slate, George (C) c/o C. W. Broadfoot, CSC., Fayetteville, NC
Slaughter, Ephraim (U) 633 Boas St., Harrisburg, PA
Slaughter, Wilson C. (C) State Line St., Junction City, AR
Slonaker, George Washington (C) Dillon’s Run, WV
Smart, Thomas (U) 1040 18th Ave., N, St. Petersburg, FL
Smith, Albert (U) Lock Box 105, Retsof, NY
Smith, Alvin (U) 405 Henry St., Sandusky, OH
Smith, Augustus B. (U) 334 Cappe St., White Hall, IL
Smith, Elder (U) Idaho City, ID
Smith, Ferdinand (U) Woodcliff Ave., Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Smith, George D. (U) 211 Amherst St., St. Paul, MN
Smith, George W. (U) 301 So. High St., Kirksville, MO
Smith, Harrison (U) 606 3rd Ave., S.E., Minneapolis, MN
Smith, Henry Dorr (U) 719 N. Rowan Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Smith, Herschel W. (U) Crescent, OK
Smith, Isaiah (U) 1740 American Ave., Long Beach, CA
Smith, J. B. (U) Merna, NE
Smith, Jacob (U) 202 W. Myrtle St., Aurora, MO
Smith, James (U) Gasport, IN
Smith, John C. (C) R. 2, Box 200, Biloxi, MS
Smith, John F. (U) 205 S. Nebraska St., Marion, IN
Smith, John W. (U) Gen. Del. National City, CA
Smith, Joseph (U) 1638 Colby Ave., W. Los Angeles, CA
Smith, Joseph (U) R. 3, Newcastle, IN
Smith, Michael (U) 1434 Illinois Ave., Sheboygan, WI
Smith, Payton Anderson (U) 215 N. Rock Island St., El Reno, OK
Smith, Peter Pierre (C) 619 G St., S.E., DC
Smith, Rev. R. P. (C) 401 Alexander St., Memphis, TN
Smith, Richard M. (U) 324 Green St., Beauford, SC
Smith, Zachariah T. (C) Blevins, AR
Smyres, Daniel P. (U) 517 E. Kans. Ave., McPherson, KS
Snider, Francis Marion (U) Box 432, Campbell, MO
Snoufifer, John H. (U) R. 2, Worthington, OH
Snow, B. J. (C) State Road, NC
Snow, Samuel (U) 84 Front St., Marblehead, MA
Snyder, Charles (U) 5405 Shoup Ave., Canoga Park, CA
Snyder, James K. (U) 321 Arch St., Carlisle, PA
Snyder, Lawrence (U) Wonewoc, WI
Somers, Edwin R. (U) 206 No. Elm Dr., Beverly Hills, CA
Souders, Abram (U) Humansville, MO
Southerton, William (U) 12 West Carpenter St., Athens, OH
Sparkman, Dr. Levi Beeman (C) 101 Sharpe Ave., Cleveland, MS
Spaulding, Charles F. (U) 11521 Lewis St., Lynwood, CA
Spear, Frank L. (U) 24 Mechanic St., Orange, MA
Speegle, Emanuel A. (U) 253 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA
Speer, John (U) 6027 Rodman St., Pittsburgh, PA
Spencer, John M. (U) Pleasant Mount, PA
Spicer, Hial J. (U) 352 State St., Augusta, ME
Spicer, James Albert (C) Orange, VA
Sponsler, Andress W. (U) 2450 Hayes Ave., Long Beach, CA
Stacey, Alfred E. (U) Elbridge, NY
Stafford, William H. (U) S. Wayne, Auburn, IN
Stafford, William Henry (U) 497 Winsley St., Morgantown, WV
Stalling, B. D. (C) R. 1, Calvert City, KY
Stamets, Cyrus (U) R. 2, Box 33, Richwood, OH
Stamm, Henry (U) 1879 Palmetto St., Ridgewood, NY
Stanchfield, John C. (U) 3048 16th Ave., S. Minneapolis, MN
Stanfield, Oliver A. (C) 1000 S. Harwood St., Dallas, TX
Staples, Charles F. (U) 100 N. Main St., Leominster, MA
Starks, Adison D. (U) 279 Fife Ave., Wilmington, OH
Starns, Milton J. (U) 310 S. Santa Fe, Salina, KS
Steele, James H. (U) Hartville, MO
Steele, Samuel F. (U) R. 1, Granite Falls, WA
Steinmetz, David L. (U) R. 3, Myerstown, PA
Stephens, Alonzo D. (U) R. 4, Box 56-A, Putnam, CT
Stevens, DeValois W. (U) Wasco, IL
Stevens, E. (C) 102 W. Nora St., Beeville, TX
Stevens, John H. (C) Lockesburg, AR
Stevenson, Lemuel T. (C) 4224 Washington St., Kansas City, MO
Steward, Emory (U) Indian Valley, ID
Stewart, Ira M. (U) 526 Wachtel Ave., Petoskey, MI
Stiles, Seldon (U) 628 Cordora Ave., Glendale, CA
Still, George W. (U) 1477 Pacific St., Brooklyn, NY
Stilwell, Joseph (U) 130 Pacific Ave., Long Beach, CA
Stitzer, Francis A. (U) 726 So. Corona St., Denver, CO
Stoker, John James (C) 114 W. Lee Ave., Weatherford, TX
Stone, Barney (U) 394 W. Pleasant St., Noblesville, IN
Stone, Eugene H. (U) R. 6, Wellsboro, PA
Stone, John H. (U) 421 W. Mulberry, Kokomo, IN
Stone, Martin V. (U) 18 Columbia Ave., Jamestown, NY
Stone, William (C) 236 N. 6th St., Waco, TX
Stone, William I. (U) R. 3, Dawsonville, GA
Stormes, Ira (U) 427 E. 9th So. St., Salt Lake City, UT
Story, David L. (U) 65 Church St., Winchester, MA
Story, Douglas T. (U) 2432 Eastlake Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Stout, Smith M. (U) Basin, WY
Strain, John C. (U) 315 1/2 So. 11th St., Tacoma, WA
Strait, Francis M. (U) Jmogene, IA
Stranahan, Horace C. (U) 8745 N. Peninsula Ave., Portland, OR
Streater, James Brooks (C) Black Hawk, MS
Streeter, George R. (U) 224 Ogden St., Hammond, IN
Streeter, Gilbert D. (U) 81 Mechanic St., Orange, MA
Stritch, Thomas H. (U) 1203 63rd St., Brooklyn, NY
Stulke, Frederick (U) 311 N. Balcom Ave., Fullerton, CA
Stump, Henry (U) Esbon, KS
Sturges, Selden (U) 389 61st St., Oakland, CA
Summer, Jacob K. (C) Chapin, SC
Summers, Robert G. (U) 36 Harkimer St., Brooklyn, NY
Surface, Noah (U) Falfurrias, TX
Sweeney, Robert H. (C) Gen. Del., Phoebus, VA
Sweet, Cornelius (U) Orange City, FL
Tally, John (U) R. 1, Box 220, Dandridge, TN
Taylor, Elliott P. (U) 206 S. 9th St., Marshalltown, IA
Taylor, John R. (U) 4093 Hickory Ave., Hammond, IN
Taylor, Leander W. (U) 1461 Pinkney St., Omaha, NE
Taylor, Orville J. (U) 500 So. Westmoreland St., Los Angeles, CA
Taylor, Rev. H. A. (C) P.O. Travelers Rest, SC
Taylor, William (U) P.O. Box 54, Resaca, GA
Taylor, Zachariah (U) R. 1, Holland, VA
Teeter, Robert M. (U) 119 Washington St., Manchester, MI
Tennyson, David (U) 4914 N. 22nd St., Arlington, VA
Tharp, Henry (U) Fountain City, IN
Thomas, Alman Harvey (U) Donelson, TN
Thomas, James Wilson (C) 401 N. Ave., Pittsburgh, TX
Thomas, Jas. Hamilton (C) R. 3, Reidsville, NC
Thomas, Peter (U) South Side Post Office, Youngstown, OH
Thomas, Stephen (U) P.O. Box 5, Braymer, MO
Thomasson, Jefferson (C) R. 1, Dozier, AL
Thompson, E. P. (C) 855 Convention St., Baton Rouge, LA
Thompson, John T. (U) R. 1, Greensburg, IN
Thompson, Joseph (U) Solsberry, IN
Thompson, Robert (U) New Haven, KY
Thomson, Hamilton Ritz (U) 452 North Fairview Ave., St. Paul, MN
Thornburg, R. A. (C) R. 1, Hamilton, MT
Thorne, Nathan G. (U) 655 3rd St. N.E., Mason City, IA
Tift, S. B. (U) 3127 Norton Ave., Everett, WA
Tillett, John Q. (U) 2513 S. 3rd St., Philadelphia, PA
Tilley, Edward (U) 2670 Gladstone Ave., Detroit, MI
Tippit, Richard (U) 1810 State St., Nashville, TN
Tipton, Isaac C. (U) 1223 Madison Ave., Columbus, OH
Todd, John Silas (C) 227 Locust St., McKenzie, TN
Tolbert, Lewis R. (U) Hamburg, IL
Tolman, Alvin T. (U) 1718 Manatee, Manatee, FL
Tomaw, Henry C. (U) 4056 Bemis St., Los Angeles, CA
Toot, Jacob Martin (U) 531 N. Jefferson St., Lisbon, OH
Toothaker, Wilberforce (U) So. 4th & Lot Ave., Montrose, CO
Town, George E. (U) 12039 Yale Ave., Chicago, IL
Towner, Ralph R. (U) R. 3, Allegan, MI
Trask, James C. (U) 126 E. Fremont St., Elmhurst, IL
Treadway, Henry C. (C) R. 2, Cloudchief, OK
Trimble, Francis M. (C) 17 W. Beverley St., Staunton, VA
Triplett, Moses (U) Denny, NC
True, Alvin Eugene (U) 413 Main St., Fowler, CO
Trumbull, David P. (U) 159 South Church St., Bowling Green, OH
Trumbull, George F. (U) Stillman Valley, IL
Tuck, J. H. (C) Gretna, VA
Tucker, Henry Bascon (C) 1518 First Ave., Bradenton, FL
Tucker, Hibbard A. (U) 1506 De Soto Ave., Tampa, FL
Tumbleson, Samuel L. (C) Montague, TX
Turck, Henry Clay (C) 1700 Moss St., New Orleans, LA
Turnbough, John Wesley (C) R. 1, Box 137, Eldorado, OK
Turner, Aaron L. (C) Box 32, Brownfield, TX
Turner, William (C) Texas Conf. Home, Austin, TX
Turner, William Henry (U) 230 Commercial St., Lebanon, MO
Tweedy, William C. (U) Puxico, MO
Tyler, C. C. (C) R. 2, Lewisville, TX
Tyler, Dr. R. D. (U) 2228 Pearl Ave., Joplin, MO
Tyler, William M. (C) Ocoee, FL
Ullom, Lorenzo Davis (U) 65 16th St., Wheeling, WV
Underwood, Francis M. (U) 2442 Parkview Ave., Knoxville, TN
Underwood, Robert Taylor (C) 236 Charlotte St., Asheville, NC
Upham, Warren H. (U) 478 35th Ave., San Francisco, CA
Valiacher, Frederick (U) 1017 S. 1st St., Stillwater, MN
Van Alstyne, Frank (U) 123 W. Main St., Webster, NY
Van Anda, Arthur J. (U) 1045 E. 2nd St., Long Beach, CA
Van Deusen, Russell (U) 2507 Main St., Bridgeport, CT
Van Doren, Charles (U) 733 E St., Grinnell, IA
Van Kirk, Peter A. (U) Princeton Road, Princeton, NJ
Van Nosdale, William H. (U) Albany Ave., Valatie, NY
Van Pelt, Samuel G. (U) 9 Van Buren St., Antwerp, NY
Van Sant, Nicholas G. (U) 601 2nd Ave., Sterling City, IL
Van Vlack, Charles E. (U) 3640 Boone Park Ave., Jacksonville, FL
Van Voorhis, Levi (U) 741 11th St., Huron, SD
Vance, M. D. (C) 3122 W. 11th St., Little Rock, AR
Vandall, Thomas (C) True, WV
Vanzandt, H. G. (C) R. 2, Bloomfield Rd., Macon, GA
Verplanke, Jos (U) 660 Pierce St., Gary, IN
Vest, Arthur E. (U) 4076 Ohio St., San Diego, CA
Vines, James W. (C) Giatto, WV
Vogel, George William (U) Orpheum Hotel, Ogden, UT
Vroman, Sirenus (U) Gold Hill, OR
Waddell, Jabez Alexander (U) 230 So. St., Benton, AR
Waddell, Nathan Aaron (C) 1501 North 4th St., Sayre, OK
Waddle, Josiah (U) 2807 No. 24th St., Omaha, NE
Wade, Daniel Huston (C) 5223 East Side Ave., Dallas, TX
Wade, Rev. Francis R. (U) 302 Church St., Newark, NY
Waggonner, John Harrod (U) Commiskey, IN
Waide, W. S. (C) Paint Rock, TX
Waite, Delizon (U) RFD, Dunlap, IL
Walden, James B. (U) Cumberland City, TN
Waldrep, George W. (C) R. 1, Forsyth, GA
Walis, Jerry (C) Delight, AR
Walker, Cyrus (U) 629 Sunset Rck, State College, PA
Walker, J. W. (C) 601 So. Main St., East Point, GA
Walker, John David (C) 190 N. Market St., Lexington, KY
Walker, Lorenzo Dow (C) 526 Oak St., New Albany, MS
Wall, W. H. (C) Elkin, NC
Wallace, Wilson P. (C) R. 1, Ozan, AR
Waller, Emmitt M. (C) 2804 14th St., N.W., DC
Walters, John A. (U) 8317 W. 4th St., Los Angeles, CA
Walters, John W. (C) 1754 N.W. 6th St., Miami, FL
Walters, Thomas (U) 1608 E. 33rd St., Los Angeles, CA
Walton, Henry S. (C) 274 Merrimon Ave., Asheville, NC
Waltz, Israel (U) Summitville, IN
Wamack, Shephard L. (U) Karnak, IL
Wamble, John (U) P.O. Box 206, Boynton, OK
Wampler, John W. (U) 1206 N. Main St., Garden City, KS
Ward, M. L. (C) 424 Jones St., Hollis, OK
Ward, Seymour J. (U) 1455 Wild Wood Dr., Los Angeles, CA
Ward, Wiley (C) R. 4, Athens., TX
Waring, John L. (C) P.O. Box 1429, Wilmington, OH
Warner, John, Jr. (U) Burrton, KS
Warner, Martin J. (U) R. 2, Rockford, MI
Waterman, Frank W. (U) 411 Herrick Rd., Riverside, IL
Watland, Jacob (U) New Sharon, IA
Watsenberger, Wilber S. (U) Burden, KS
Watson, Robert (U) Holbrook, PA
Watson, William E. (C) 320 E. 9th St., Bristow, OK
Weaver, George W. (U) 157 W. 37th St., Baltimore, MD
Weaver, John Wood (C) Box 721, Muldrow, OK
Webb, James Franklin (C) 106 So. Chandler St., Decatur, GA
Webster, James W. (U) 422 Montgomery St., Chillicothe, MO
Wedgeworth, Isaac Lake (C) Raleigh, MS
Weierbach, William M. (U) 113 LaRiena St., Downey, CA
Weikle, A. C. (C) Sinks Grove, WV
Weinhich, Phillip (U) 505 Harter, Winfield, KS
Welch, Isaac (U) 223 W. Dalton Ave., Spokane, WA
Welch, William D. (U) Dunlevy, PA
Weller, Samuel M. (U) Warsaw, OH
Weller, Thomas B. (U) 1022 4th Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Wells, John (U) 27 S. 10th St., Reading, PA
Wells, Theodore (U) North Street, Cadiz, OH
Wells, W. H. L. (C) Plano., TX
Welsh, Cornelius (U) East Millstone, NJ
Westernhagen, Erich (U) N, Oakland Ave., Milwaukee, WI
Wetherton, James H. (U) 3128 Jefferson, Kansas City, MO
Wetzel, Moses R. (U) 703 E. Park St., Taylorsville, IL
Whaley, Isaac T. (U) 3119 Knox St., Knoxville, TN
Wheeler, Joseph Rutherford (U) 88 Manor Ave., Hempstead, NY
Wheelis, J. L. (C) Tignall, GA
Whipple, Rockwell (U) 126 So. Virginia Ave., Mason City, IA
White, Daniel D. (C) Timmonsville, SC
White, Elisha (U) 1415 Harrison Blvd., Boise, ID
White, Henry (U) 1105 South 11th St., Oskaloosa, IA
White, Josephus (C) 721 N. Daniel St., Bethany, OK
White, W. W. (C) R. 3, Shelby, NC
Whitecloud, James (U) RFD, White Cloud, KS
Whitsett, Joseph Haden (C) 815 N. Center, Bonham, TX
Whittemore, James A. (U) Minnesota Soldiers Home, Minneapolis, MN
Whitton, W. N. (C) Box 174, Timpson, TX
Whitzel, George M. (U) Lincoln Hall, Ft. Dodge, KS
Wickham, Joseph D. (U) 502 S. 5th St., Temple, TX
Widdoes, John W. (U) 207 No. 1st E. St., American Fork, UT
Widick, Robert J. (U) R. 1, Walla Walla, WA
Wiegel, John (U) 603 E. Livingston Ave., Orlando, FL
Wilburn, William A. (U) 1020 Denison St., Muskogee, OK
Wilcox, Lansing A. (U) R. 3, Box 182, Tacoma, WA
Wildman, Ira R. (U) 27 Town Hill Ave., Danbury, CT
Wildman, John M. (U) 10 Maple Ave., Cortland, NY
Wiley, Joseph S. (U) 115 East 30th St., Kearney, NE
Wilhelm, Jeremiah (U) Soldiers & Sailors Home, Milford, NE
Wilkerson, G. S. (C) R. 2, Meridian, MS
Wilkinson, Elbridge G. (U) 436 E. Lindsay St., Stockton, CA
Wilkinson, John (U) R. 1, Ottawa Lake, MI
Willard, Samuel Levi (U) 834 Lafayette St., Jamestown, NY
Willeman, Thomas M. (U) R. 2, Box 95, Central City, NE
Willett, James W. (U) 311 E. 7th St., Tama, IA
Williams, Albert C. (U) 326 Erie St., Toledo, OH
Williams, B. H. (C) Emerson, GA
Williams, Benjamin Franklin (C) 1800 Wade Ave., N.E., Atlanta, GA
Williams, George M. (U) P.O. Box 242, Boston, GA
Williams, Gordon (U) 339 Poplar St., Tipton, IN
Williams, James (U) 119 N. Laffer St., Sigourney, IA
Williams, John R. (U) 309 N. Madison St., Mason City, IA
Williams, Joseph D. (C) Glade Springs, VA
Williams, Mathew M. (C) 2308 20th PI., Birmingham, AL
Williams, Pryor (U) 2037 N. 5th St., Kansas City, KS
Williams, T. E. (C) 800 South Hayne St., Monroe, NC
Williams, Thomas B. (U) Chapman, KS
Williams, William (U) 205 Beech St., Forrest City, AR
Williamson, Thomas (U) 109 N. Union St., Kokomo, IN
Willis, James Henry (U) 119 Lincoln St., Montclair, NJ
Wilmarth, Charles N. (U) Oregon, IL
Wilmington, Oscar N. (U) 1516 Brookside Ave., Indianapolis, IN
Wilson, Alpheus A. (U) Redwood Falls, MN
Wilson, Augustus (C) Mulberry, AR
Wilson, George Washington (C) 324 Dalzell St., Shreveport, LA
Wilson, James (U) 609 B Foundry St., N.W., Atlanta, GA
Wilson, James S., Sr. (C) Columbus, AR
Wilson, John A. (U) R. 1, Fawn Grove, PA
Wilson, Mack (U) 520 N. Harvey St., Greenville, MS
Wilson, Richard (U) St. Francisville, LA
Wilson, Robert W. (C) 3543 Warder St., N.W., DC
Wilson, William (C) R. 2, Tennille, AL
Wingrove, Charles (U) 606 5th St., Clay Center, KS
Winn, Willis H. (U) 83 N. Franklin Turnpike, Hohokus, NJ
Winning, James Edward (U) 1215 15th Ave., So. St. Petersburg, FL
Winslow, Jacob (U) 670 E. 43rd St., Los Angeles, CA
Winters, John C. (U) 1920 S.W. First St., Miami, FL
Wisbey, Clarkson (U) 201 Monroe St., Ryderwood, WA
Wiseheart, George H. (U) Iola, IL
Witcher, Taliaferro A. (C) 511 Congress Ave., Brownwood, TX
Witherell, Alphonso (U) 78 High St., Northampton, MA
Witherspoon, William P. (U) McKaw Summit, Princeton, IN
Witte, Theodore Charles (U) 1259 Rosedale Ave., Chicago, IL
Wolcott, Darwin B. (U) 4518 6th Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Wolfe, George W. (U) 9941 McBroom Ave., Roscoe, CA
Wolfe, Isaac (U) New Millport, PA
Womack, James R. (U) 1115 Newton Ave., Kansas City, MO
Wood, Burnice B. (U) Cashion, OK
Wood, Clark A. (U) Heron Lake, MN
Wood, David (U) 531 N. 4th St., Montrose, CO
Wood, George W. (U) 46 Walnut St., Ambler, PA
Wood, James A. (C) Eagle Rock, VA
Wood, Nelson R. (U) Orchard St., Covert, MI
Wood, W. R. (C) Sweet Home, AR
Wood, William (U) 208 S. Spring St., Hartford City, IN
Wood, William M. (C) 107 N. Boulevard, Richmond, VA
Wooding, Harry (C) 120 Holbrooke Ave., Danville, VA
Woodmancy, John Nelson (U) 602 W. Ash St., Piqua, OH
Woodruff, Anson (U) R. 2, Wamego, KS
Woodruff, Noah Ogden (U) 820 Stanton Ave., Elizabeth, NJ
Woods, Charles, Sr. (U) Box 15, Tuskegee, AL
Woods, James C. (U) Box 388, Central Point, OR
Woods, Philemon (U) R. 1, Boonville, NY
Woodward, William W. (U) State Soldiers’ Home, OH
Woodworth, Homer S. (U) 1428 Ft. St., Omaha, NE
Woolf, Milledg Hannibal (C) 107 W. 7th St., Corsicana, TX
Woolson, Albert (U) 215 E. 5th St., Duluth, MN
Woosley, Thomas Milton (C) Peapatch, VA
Wormstead, William H. (U) 51 Elm St., Marblehead, MA
Worthington, C. C. (C) Pikeville, TN
Wright, Dr. Franklin (C) Tabor, NC
Wright, J. S. L. (C) 135 Locust St., Conway, AR
Wyatt, Sylvester H. (C) Wyatt, LA
Wyckoff, Cornelius (U) Winchester Bay, OR
Wynne, R. A. (C) R. 2, Alto, GA
Yaeger, W. D. (C) R. 3, Box 130, Live Oak, FL
Yarbeary, Francis (U) 1701 8th St., Pueblo, CO
Yeager, Abraham H. (C) R. 1, Cleburne, TX
Yearer, Francis M. (U) 902 Alder St., Centralia, WA
Yeary, D. N. (C) 5122 Reiger Ave., Dallas, TX
Yeingst, Charles (U) R. 1, Dillsburg, PA
Yoho, Samuel R. (U) 364 30th Ave., San Francisco, CA
York, Alexander J. (C) R. 2, Ramseur, NC
York, Andrew Jackson (C) Box 326, Pahokee, FL
Young, Andrew J. (U) 819 Helm St., Logansport, IN
Young, George W. (U) 1305 McPherson Blvd., Fremont, OH
Young, John (U) 923 E. 15th St., Pine Bluff, AR
Young, John N. (U) 3304 Gwynns Falls Parkway, Baltimore, MD
Younger, Simpson C. (U) 400 N. Moniteau, Sedalia, MO
Zandee, James T. (U) 1347 12th St., S. St. Petersburg, FL
Zarbaugh, Solomon (U) 2742 Monroe St., Toledo, OH
Zehntbauer, Joseph (U) 1720 S.E., 135th Ave., Portland, OR
Ziegler, William (U) 2003 Market St., Logansport, IN
Zorn, A. J. (C) R. 1, Tyler, TX

1Roy, Paul L., editor, “Pennsylvania at Gettysburg: The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg” (Gettysburg: Times and News Publishing Company, 1939).

2For reasons noted above, any such list is bound to omit some names, including those of veterans who attended at their own expense. As that information becomes available, this list will be updated to include the new information.

3James D. Handock’s official badge (pictured) is in the collection of the Adams County Historical Society.

4The official report lists Theodore S. Pitkin as having served for the “N” army (rather than “U” or “C”), apparently a typo. Compiled service records and pension records indicate that Pitkin was a Private in Co. G, 20th Ohio Inf., from 1 Aug 1863 to 15 July 1865.