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Pocket GettysburgPRESS RELEASE

Pocket Gettysburg for Android, iPhone, and iPad

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – 30 April 2013 – SegTours, LLC announces the long-awaited release of the Android version of Pocket Gettysburg, the popular smartphone app for researchers and visitors to the Gettysburg National Military Park. In this 150th year after the battle, technology finally makes it easy to learn about the monuments, military organizations, and people that are connected to this critical battle of the American Civil War.

Like the Apple version of Pocket Gettysburg before it, the new release for Android phones and tablets includes a virtual encyclopedia of information about the battle in three integrated and searchable databases.

First, Pocket Gettysburg includes a massive catalog of the monuments, plaques, wayside markers, and historical markers on the Gettysburg battlefield and throughout greater Adams County, Pennsylvania, including their locations, full inscriptions, and photographs. An integrated map lets the user navigate the area while optionally tracking his own position among those monuments.*

Then there is a record of each of the 860+ military units (regiments, brigades, divisions, corps, and armies) that were present, noting the unit’s succession of commanders as they were killed, wounded or captured over the course of the three-day battle. The database also includes the strengths and losses of each unit, the types and number of cannon in each battery, and a detailed history of each regiment for the duration of the war, among other types of data. An “Order of Battle” details the command structure and organization of those military units within the Union and Confederate armies.

Finally, there is a database of more than 45,000 of the soldiers and citizens who played a part in the battle, including the commanders at each level plus the name and rank of every person who is mentioned on a battlefield monument. In many cases, the app also includes photos and biographical information about those people. For the first time, researchers also have an easy way to search for any people who were buried by name in the Soldier’s National Cemetery, including its Annex.

The databases are not only searchable; they are painstakingly cross-linked with one another. So, for instance, researchers can easily find a list and map of all of the monuments that are related to a specific military unit. Or conversely, the app can be used to find more information about the military unit(s) and people that are mentioned on a given monument. Web links frequently point to resources for further reading.

“Pocket Gettysburg is a unique and extremely useful app for both on-the-field use and as a research tool,” said Les Fowler, Licensed Battlefield Guide. “It is packed with an amazing amount of detail,” he added, “placing the equivalent of a very large stack of books in the palm of your hand. I will use it every day that I’m on the field.”

“We are very pleased with the popularity of Pocket Gettysburg for iPhone and iPad,” said Bob Velke, President of SegTours, LLC, “and we are happy to reward the patience of Android users with this new release.” He went on to say, “It is especially gratifying to see the app embraced as a reference tool by many of the undisputed experts on the battlefield, the Licensed Battlefield Guides.”

Pocket Gettysburg is available from the Google Play and iTunes app stores. A “Lite” version is also available for visitors to the Park who want to navigate the map and monument database without the extra details about military units and people that are of special interest to researchers.

*Some mapping features require a GPS-enabled device.

About the company:
Segway Tours and Rides of Gettysburg (SegTours, LLC) was established in 2008 to provide tours of the Gettysburg battlefield using Segway Personal Transporters™ and Licensed Battlefield Guides. For each year since its inception, the company has provided the highest-rated tour on the battlefield, according to the popular travel site, TripAdvisor.com.

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