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A Reunion of Badges

The 46th Annual Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association Civil War Artifact and Collectibles Show in Gettysburg yesterday was the setting for a unique reunion.  For probably the first time in 81 years, the three known surviving examples of the Commissioner’s badge for the 1938 Gettysburg reunion were in the same room. On the left is the […]

Veterans who attended the 1938 Reunion at Gettysburg (long)

The list of veterans who attended the 1938 reunion at Gettysburg is well-documented … in theory. The official report of the Pennsylvania Commission1 includes a list of those veterans who attended but there are several problems with that list. First, the book is hard to find and therefore not readily accessible to most researchers. Second, […]

Gettysburg tablets of the cast iron variety

Did you know that, despite what MapQuest says, the road that runs along the northern edge of the Pennsylvania State Memorial is NOT Pleasanton Avenue? Did you know that part of Wheatfield Road is labelled by the National Park Service as “McGilvery Artillery Avenue?” And did you know that the NPS doesn’t officially recognize a […]

Attendance Figures for 1913 and 1938 Gettysburg Reunions

For those who may be interested, these are the attendance figures for the 1913 (50th) and 1938 (75th) veterans reunions at Gettysburg as published in the official reports of the Pennsylvania Commission: Attendance at Gettysburg Reunions 1913 1938 (50th Anniversary) (75th Anniversary) Residence # Union+Conf. # Union+Conf. Alabama 200 (0+200) 26 (6+20) Arizona 10 (7+3) […]

Roster of Veterans at the 1913 Gettysburg Reunion

The 1913 Gettysburg reunion was the largest meeting of Civil War veterans after the war. Yet genealogists and other researchers have never had access to a list of those who attended. I am very pleased to report that I have discovered what I believe are the original, unpublished registers that were signed by the veterans […]

Give the Gift of Gettysburg for 10% off!

A gift certificate for a Segway tour of the Gettysburg battlefield is the perfect holiday gift – and for the next few days it is 10% off! Don’t miss this rare discounted price to experience the #1 most popular activity in Gettysburg, according to A gift certificate from Segway Tours and Rides of Gettysburg […]

The Gettysburg Census of 1860 – Part 2

As mentioned earlier, I’ve transcribed the 1860 U.S. Federal Census of Gettysburg and will include all of those people in a future version of Pocket Gettysburg. In addition to the previous analysis of the census, here is some interesting financial data about the residents of the Borough in 1860… Value of Real Estate Males Females […]

The Gettysburg Census of 1860

I’ve transcribed the entire 1860 Federal Census of Gettysburg in the ongoing effort to learn more about the residents of the Borough at the time of the battle.  (I might even add all of the residents in a future version of our smartphone app, Pocket Gettysburg.) The transcription process was time-consuming because I frequently found myself […]

SegTours in USA Today!

Segway Tours of Gettysburg is prominently featured today on the front page of the Travel section of USA Today! LBG Charlie Fennell talks about Segway tours of the battlefield and the challenges that the borough will face on the 150th anniversary. Our own Meghan Ogley is also featured in photos and video! Here’s the full […]

Gettysburg Campaign – Medals of Honor

How many men were awarded the Medal Of Honor for their action in the Gettysburg Campaign? That question was raised on the Facebook Page “Test Your Knowledge On The Battle of Gettysburg”. It is traditionally said that 63 Medals of Honor were awarded for service in the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. That includes […]