Gettysburg for Your Smart Phone is now available!


Gettysburg for Your Smart Phone

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – 27 September 2012 – As the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg approaches, SegTours, LLC is proud to announce the release of “Pocket Gettysburg”, an encyclopedia of the battlefield that you can carry in the palm of your hand.

“Pocket Gettysburg” includes a massive reference database of the monuments, plaques, wayside markers, and historical markers on the Gettysburg battlefield and throughout greater Adams County, Pennsylvania, including their locations, full inscriptions, and photographs.

A second database integrates details about each of the 860+ military units that were in the battle, including the succession of command, strengths and losses, armament, and a full regimental history. An “Order of Battle” details the command structure and organization of those military units within the Union and Confederate armies.

Yet another database includes information about more than 40,000 of the soldiers and citizens who played a part in the battle, including the 1200+ commanders at various levels and all of those who are buried by name at the Soldier’s National Cemetery.

A powerful map lets you navigate the Gettysburg National Military Park while optionally tracking your own position among the monuments. The list of monuments can be sorted to show those that are closest to you and will automatically update as you travel through the battlefield. Satellite and hybrid maps will even help you find monuments in relation to buildings, fences, and other features on the ground.

Most importantly, these searchable databases are painstakingly cross-linked with one another. So if you are interested in a particular military unit, for instance, you can easily see all of the monuments to it on the battlefield. Or when you encounter a monument, you can easily find more information about the military unit(s) and/or people that are mentioned on it, and so on.

“An integrated reference tool of this type has never before been available,” said Bob Velke, president of SegTours, LLC, which developed the software. “It will be an indispensable tool for the casual visitor to Gettysburg, as well as to the more serious student of the battle, ” he said.

“Pocket Gettysburg” for iPhone and iPad is currently available from the AppStore. Development for Android users is underway and is expected to be released soon. Mapping features require a GPS-enabled device.

About the company:
SegTours, LLC was established in 2008 to provide tours of the Gettysburg battlefield using Segway Personal Transporters™ and Licensed Battlefield Guides. SegTours offers the highest-rated tour on the battlefield, according to the popular travel site,

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  1. Jeremy Says:

    Anxiously awaiting the Android release! I have the Gettysburg Battle App, but it only includes Devil’s Den and Little Round Top..


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