Used Segways for Sale – and they look like new!

We’re rotating some of our fleet and this is an excellent opportunity to buy a really-good used Segway. We are selling three Segway I2s that are 4-5 years old and have about 10k miles on them but they are in excellent condition.

In fact, they have BRAND NEW:
– Tires
– Wheels (yes, wheels)
– Wheel covers (aka hub caps)
– Fenders
– Foot mats
– Entire Leansteer frame
– Hand grips
– Infokey dock
– Console trim/cover

So they look brand-spanking new! Each comes with two Infokey Controllers. Also included are brand new manuals, CD, wrenches, and power cable – in their originally packaging, fresh out of a new I2 box.

A great Christmas gift!

Batteries will still go at least 16 miles under normal conditions – which is more than most people would ever ride between charges.

Price is $3900 firm. That is, no negotiating: they will certainly sell at this price! Free delivery to the DC/Baltimore area. Shipping anywhere else in the continental U.S. is $115, including an original I2 factory box.

Call 717-253-7987 or
info at segtours dot com

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